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 Hotel Management

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 desktop Application



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1.       Touch POS

1.      Master Menu:

Full Menu display of all the food items with categories and sub categories.

 2.       Bill Generator:

After the order is complete and delivered, the manager will transfer total bill amount to billing desk/module

3.      Reprint of Bill:

The manager will be able toprint option for the same bill as many times.

4.       Comprehensive POS counter closing including day end report

At the day end the manager will be able to generate reports and canloadit to the main server.

5.      Order Returns:

The manager can enter saying Order cancellation if the order gets changed or completely cancelled.

6.       Order Type Master:

Same as point 1.1

7.      Bill payment collection at single counter:

Total bill collection at the day end at all the levels of the hotel will be sorted with a floor wise option for transferring data.

 8.       Coupon Master:

Coupon system can be integrated at times of parties for keeping logs of guests and consumed food items.

9.       Multiple Price Levels based on quantity specially developed for BAR section Only

10.   Area Master: Options available per area defined. (Elaboration explained in point 7.

11.   Checkout for parcel or take away

12.   Support for discount voucher creation and redemption

13.   Kitchen order and Customer display tracker:

System will show a path, which will link order tracking form kitchen to customer

14.   Delivery Note: Data Entry at the manager level for delivery

 2.       Business Intelligence & Reports

1.       Overall Business Summary:

Total Sales/ Purchases/ Orders representation in graphical.

 2.       Simple Master Reports:

The system will show a one clickQuick view of all the reports.

3.       Basic  sales report & Day End reports

The system will have an option for showcasing Day end reports, which will include sales/purchases etc.

4.       Comprehensive product category based reports Analysis for top n customer for the month, non-moving products, fast moving products, non ordering customer, low margin products, product age based sales, etc.

5.       Food Cost Report:

The cost of food items will be stored and report for making cost will be showcased.

6.       Inventory analysis on Dead stock, excess stock, wastage, damage, ordered qty and supplied stock difference, physical stock difference analysis, etc.

7.       Detailed sales analysis customer based, distributor based, product age based, profit margin based, etc.

8.      Dashboard (Graphical Representation)

 9.      Containing graphical view of reports and quick links for easy management

10.  Detailed analysis on distributor wise purchase turnaround ratio, parcel entry, order and supplied qty difference analysis, etc.

3.       Financial Accounting

1.       Trade and Statutory Accounting

2.      Credit Card payment settlements

3.      Coupon payment settlements

 4.       Inventory Management

1.       Product Master and Tax Master:

The menu showing all the purchases and other options

2.       Opening Stock:

Stock at the start of the day / Entry for purchased which is ready to be used.

3.       VAT Commodity:

Separate database for commodities applicable for VAT

4.       Stock Updating:

The systems will have an option forupdating the stock via data Entry

5.       Comprehensive categorization of products:

Every stock will have a category and a sub category. Option to categorize the products will be given.

6.       Detailed view and export of the product transactions in stock ledger format.

7.       Wastage, Damage, Theft, etc.: Database entries for all the three

8.       Mark-up, Mark-down selling pricing –

The client will be able to change the prices usingPrice Protection feature. Reports for the same will be generated.

9.       Replenishment:

Time to time notifications for re-filling of stock and management for the same

10.   Distributor Master: Supplier details

 11.   Receipt Note: Display of Receipts for every purchase and sales

 12.  Purchase Order:

Purchase order generation and report of existing PO’s

5.       Security

1.       Function key settings (User defined keys for all transactions)

2.       Password protected screen with the rights of user

3.      Security settings based on user or role

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free download php project with source code.

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