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Hello, Im a freelancer. Hit me at {email} for any kind of project enquiry and details.

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Rock Paper Scissors program in Python


simple rock paper scissors game. written by suyash ekhande efficiently without any extra code and proper code without bugs. Indent may change computer to computer check it before running...

  suyashekhande   2018-04-21

Library Management System program in C/C++


A Program for LIBRARY MANAGEMENT, through which we can maintain the all books of the Library; including Book name, Writter name, Book code & Copy of the book. RUN THIS IN TURBOC4...

  suyashekhande   2018-04-21

Snake Game program in Python


This is a simple snake game in python. This will give you a basic idea of how we work with games in python language....

  suyashekhande   2018-02-12

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