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Best Favorite Android Project With Source Code And Reports.

here Best Favorite Android project with source code and database. Android projects for learning with source code and submission in college. we have good collection of mini and major Android project source codes and document. we hope this Android project with source code and database would be useful for quick glance before going for any Android project submission. Free download Project in Android,Android Source Code for final year college student, project submission of BE, BCA, MCA. demo and sample Android project source code. free download mini and major Android project source code. Android website,game,desktop,mobile application with source code. share you Android java project with source code and win prices. we starting share n earn project uploading contest for you. this contest benifits for student will earn and get best quality Android project. we helpful for be,btech,me,mca,bca,it,computer science student get project source code. Android Project Tutorials for learning and development full projects.

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Best Favorite Android projects with source code list.

Student Management System Project In Android


Student management system is used to manage all the details and data of the students for basic use of user. User can enter roll number, name and marks of them. Project is developed by using basic concepts of java programming and using eclipse. ... view more

Android project   varun_77 2016-06-20

Restaurant Management System Project In Android


restaurant management system source code in android project downloadrestaurant management application in this project many features.search restaurant by place.customer info save.order listing in apps.today menu listing.this project final year major p... view more

Android project   rax.jethva 2013-05-30

Bank Acc Management Project In Android


Managing bank accountusing this application an individual user can manage his account details he can withdrawn or deposit any amount amount.... view more

Android project   gadgaleamol 2014-02-13

Friend Tracker Project In Android


This project name is an freind tracker and use to find friends ,add friend,update friend and see all the friend list  and der locations .For further enhancement  implementing chating in my this project... view more

Android project   saurabah 2015-04-01

Consultancy App Project In Android


Consultancy Application with sign up and login with splash screen. Through this app you can Apply job (only through in this app.) and the applied job will save into your jobapplied xml screen.... view more

Android project   aniketsmarty 2016-06-22

City Places Project In Android


This project aim to get all the city places such as atm,hospitals ,colleges ,govt institutes and police stations by using google api and google places .We can also add new places or any details in an google database .... view more

Android project   saurabah 2015-04-26

Emergency Help Srvice Project In Android


emergency help service is an android apps.it has a database for friend contact and messaging service to send a urgent sms ..... view more

Android project   Ainul 2014-02-20

Text To Speech Convert Project In Android


TextTospeech converter is an android apps used to read the text messagesit takes text as a input and convert it into audio format.... view more

Android project   Ainul 2014-02-20

Memo Application (Create,View, And List The Files And Directory In SD Card) Project In Android


This Android Apps show how we Can create Directory and File within Directory..It demonstrate the complete File and Directory applications using ListView and other features of the Android technology..For More Detail Contact: https://www.facebook.com/m... view more

Android project   Ainul 2014-05-05

Find Restaurants Locator With Web Api Project In Android


free find restaurants locator with php web service.android project that find restaurants near place.data coming in json services.also use google map api in this project.put pin on map. near all restaurants.download android project source code.... view more

Android project   kishan 2014-06-07

Login & Signup App Project In Android


This app is very useful and important..you can add this project on your project and earn good amount of money. features are: * reset email id *reset password * confirmation email id * admob * developer can disable any user account * c... view more

Android project   mandeep_yadav 2017-01-07

Mario Game Project In Android


Download Mario Game Application Android Source Code.. Also Latest Source Code on github.... view more

Android project   oyesabhi 2016-07-16

Complete Calculator Project In Android


A complete project of Calculator Application for you Android Mobile. This has all the functions that the Calculator should have. There are some panel to change the features of using calculator Matrix panel, hex panel, Graph panel, Advance panel and B... view more

Android project   aniketsmarty 2016-08-11

Online Music Playing Streaming Project In Android


This project is used to play any audio or video music file directly without downloading in our app  .The different music format we can play mp3,mp4,3gp ,hd etc.This is use basically when we not want to increase our apk size .Online Music playing... view more

Android project   saurabah 2015-03-21

Beauty Products Ecommerce App Project In Android


The idea for the project is to develop an ecommerce app similar to amazon shopping app's and other similar ecommerce apps. This app is mainly focused on the selling beauty products.... view more

Android project   saurabah 2016-04-14

Multiple Alarm Fire Project In Android


This project is used for an developer who want to make event schedular ,task schedular,reminder type android application.Used for creating multiple alarms with use of Alarm Manager class and NotificationManager .... view more

Android project   saurabah 2015-03-28

Android Browser Project In Android


Android Browser for visiting diffrent web application ,playing online game and watching videoand many more............ ... view more

Android project   kishan 2013-12-20

Account Manager Project In Android


Account Manager is an application for mobile users to track and keep record of their accounts.You can manage your banking information and etc.... view more

Android project   jnitnjain 2014-01-19

Automatic Call Recording Project In Android


This project goal to create  call recording when any one phone calls come both incoming , outgoing and save that call or synchronize it to google drive or drop box and even we can upload call recording on a server. Any one interested for this automa... view more

Android project   saurabah 2016-05-07

Transaction Manager Project In Android


Bank Account Transactions are done in thisThis Android application allows user to keep track of current balance in different bank accounts held by the user and the transactions of those accounts The following are the major operations in this a... view more

Android project   ajadhav 2014-04-10