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Personnal finance andriod application project on Android

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Personnal finance andriod application project abstract

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 rajesh hv

Project Name  Personnal finance andriod application
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 mobile Application



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Personnal finance andriod application project description

1.It mainly helps us to keep a track of our personal expenses, bills,coffee,cloths-daily expenses,
2.current bills,market bills,loan bills,transportation bills-monthly expenses,
3.yearly transactions,finding total expenditure monthly,yearly
4.automatically should display unpaid bills ex:at date 1/5/2014 i want to pay loan 10000 to sbi bank,then this ato pps should display 31/5/2014 u have to pay loan 10000.alert all unpaid bills
5.online payment mode,my budget is 30000/month, if i pay loan 10000 to sbi bank the main budget reduce amount i.e30000-10000=20000 should display.
6.create sbi bank page it should fetch u r main buget as shown above.help me source code

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