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Hospital management system project on C/C++

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Hospital management system project features and function requirement. Share C/C++ Project ideas and topics with us. grate and many C/C++ project ideas and topics. here some C/C++ project ideas for research paper. here large collection of C/C++ project with source code and database. we many idea to development application like mobile application,desktop software application,web application development. you can find more project topics and ideas on C/C++. development ideas on Hospital management system. many project available to download with C/C++ source code and database. free download Hospital management system project synopsis available.

free download Hospital management system mini and major C/C++ project source code. download simple learning C/C++ project source code with diagram and documentations.

Hospital management system project abstract

Posted by  Muhammad Shafiq Tahir
Project Name  Hospital management system
Upload Date  2014-01-19
Platform  C/C++
Programming Language  c++
Database  mysql
Project Type  desktop Application
View  1443

what's your project requirement .. tell us ..

Hospital management system project description

This project store the record of doctors, patient, staff etc. And all the operations performed in hospital.

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