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Paper Keyboard & Mouse project on C# .net

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Paper Keyboard & Mouse project features and function requirement. Share C# .net Project ideas and topics with us. grate and many C# .net project ideas and topics. here some C# .net project ideas for research paper. here large collection of C# .net project with source code and database. we many idea to development application like mobile application,desktop software application,web application development. you can find more project topics and ideas on C# .net. development ideas on Paper Keyboard & Mouse. many project available to download with C# .net source code and database. free download Paper Keyboard & Mouse project synopsis available.

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Paper Keyboard & Mouse project abstract

Posted by :  Kushal Muliya
Project Name :  Paper Keyboard & Mouse
Upload Date :  2017-01-17
Platform :  C# .net
Programming Language :  C++ / C#
Database :  mysql
Project Type :  desktop Application
View :  379

what's your project requirement .. tell us ..

Paper Keyboard & Mouse project description

For PC software that uses paper keyboard & mouse


Requirement gathering and analysis:

            There are many android applications and software available in the market that gives the functionality to use paper keyboard for smart phones and computers but they do not give functionality to use paper mouse , main disadvantage of these applications is that all that are not effective and giving wrong and sometimes improper results and now days there are many applications and software available for the same concept but the problem is some of them are too costly that common people cannot afford it . In India, now days usage of internet and smart phone is increases day by day so by developing such android applications So based on above analysis we answered some questions over here ,

1.      Who is going to use the system?

Paper keyboard and mouse used by any technical person that uses computer . i.e.                           engineer , games , schools etc.

2.      What is the input/output data for this software ?

User input on paper keyboard and mouse . PC get that input and process it .

3.      Which devices are used ?

 1. Camera(Dual) : one for detecting input for key board and one for mouse .

       2. Paper : Paper for making keyboard and mouse . 


·         Design:

Design of the system is very important thing because this system is used by from well-educated highly technical to a common person .The interface of the system will be user friendly and easy to use and understand. To design this system well we need and visual studio or other technology on which we can work on C++ language as well as cameras.


·         Implementation/Coding:

From the Design phase, we can analysis that to make the system effective we need C++ language. This phase is longest phase approx. 75% time required .So now in this phase we can start building our software using the above data. So before starting , we need to refer basic of C++ programming . This can be the  second longest phase of the system development life cycle. Because if any kind of changes come, we need to revise it again and again. This is the main phase of system development life cycle. We will use tools like visual studio for developing this system.


  • Testing:

Testing is required to detect and solve bugs , this phase requires 5% of time. First, data must be accurate and consistent, complete, timely and accessible at any time or place it's needed for patient care.


1.      Reliability:

Testers typically test so quickly that it's possible to miss the subtle details of the user interface display. Even with automated tests, if they don't validate every detail of the display, they can miss defects that are highly annoying to end users. They may even be eroding end users' trust and respect.


      2. Performance:

Reliability and performance are inevitably intertwined. Performance just gets noticed first. When users start typing system must detect each and every stroke pressed at exact time . We all expect speed.

                   3.  Display:

In my testing experience, end users complain most about display issues. The screen size is varying in computer to computer .So what happens in the software when you're using a small screen and big screen ? Can the user see all the options? Are some field names cut off? Do users have to scroll endlessly? Few things annoy end users more than endless scrolling or having to click repeatedly. Your end users need to get their job done quickly and effectively. Users must be able to see all the information they need to access with minimal scrolling. Simple display items like button and field names must be intact. Software must work on every screen size computers.


  • Deployment:

As we prepare for deployment, we have to review our current software  and decide whether you want to make changes. The most important thing you can do is make sure all your information is accurate. Accuracy must be as expected .


  • Maintenance:

After the completion of our software. There is no major issues we will face or we do not have to redesign whole software again that’s a benefit. 

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