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Banking using Fingerprint Recognition project on VB

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Banking using Fingerprint Recognition project abstract

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 janet lawrence

Project Name  Banking using Fingerprint Recognition
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Programming Language



 MSAccess 2007

Project Type

 desktop Application



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Banking using Fingerprint Recognition project description

Biometrics is the technique of using unique, non-transferable, physical characteristics, such as fingerprints,
to gain entry for personal identification. This replaces pin codes and passwords, which can be forgotten, lost or stolen
Biometric IDs cannot be transferred.

Nearly everyone in the world is born with a fingerprint that is unique; a separate and comprehensively identifying attribute that sets us apart from the other 6.5 billon people that inhabit this world. It is because of this fact that the fingerprint has proven such a useful part of biometric security. Minutiae-based methods have been used in many commercial fingerprint matching systems.

            This paper focuses on the process of banking transactions using these fingerprints as a verification tool to grant the specific user the authentication for his/her accounts. Besides the administrator or the specific authorities, no other person can modify the fingerprint sample or copy it.

            We also focus on the security aspects that may occur in the event of any banking transactions. When we consider about Security the distinct ways are Authentication, Authorization and Access Control. Authentication is any process by which you verify that someone is who they claim they are. Authorization is finding out if the person, once identified, is permitted to have the resource.

Finally, access control is a much more general way of talking about controlling access to a resource. Access can be granted or denied based on the privileges granted to him. Protecting private and important information such as the accessing of banking details is necessary for such an environment.

Stored fingerprints are retained even in the event of complete power failure or battery drain. These eliminates the need for keeping track of keys or remembering a combination password, or PIN. It can only be opened when an authorized user is present, since there are no keys or combinations to be copied or stolen, or locks that can be picked.

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