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Source code share by John Doe

Hello, Im a freelancer. Hit me at {email} for any kind of project enquiry and details.

Latest project share by John Doe

Airline Ticket Reservation project in C/C++


airline ticket booking system is an project made in c++ by suyash it is very modern type of program with all the options available in modern reservation program....

  suyashekhande   2018-04-21

Android Form To E-Mail App in Android Studio project in Android


This project lets you submit a android studio activity form data directly to an e-mail. This cuts your database cost and lets you directly access user data at your E-Mail....

  suyashekhande   2018-02-12

Snake Game in HTML and JAVASCRIPT project in HTML CSS


Snake Js is an game made in javascript made for fun and projects. it is a game made in javascript in which snake can be controlled with keyboard....

  suyashekhande   2018-01-16

Movie Ticket Reservation System project in VB .NET


Forms:- Home,Book Now,Movies,About,My Account The Homepage contains specific movies which can be booked when clicked, then the user can book by selecting the options and hey get the calculated amount that they will have to pay at ...

  suyashekhande   2017-10-23

Bank Management System project in VB .NET


Bank Management System Include A classy Home form the an entire employee section withdraw and deposit ,add and delete account etc....

  suyashekhande   2017-10-23

Student database management project in VB .NET


Simple student database management made with visual studio 12 and with ms access database contact me for projects:

  suyashekhande   2017-10-04

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