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James Mwathi

James Mwathi

  Chuka University
  Chuka University
python CCNA





About me

BSc in Computer Science Holder Trained in Python programming language

4 Project's Source Code Share By James Mwathi

Asset Management System project in Python


Asset management system is a system developed to keep track of all assets in an organization that is IT assets. It is developed using tkinter for the front end and python and mysql for the backend. The interface has been added icons to make the GUI a...

  jay254   2021-03-21

Simple Login And Register With Database And Images project in Python


This simple login and register app has been developed with tkinter to resemble a login web app. It contains icons and background images to make the layout more attractive. It helps beginners on how to work with login and register pages that involve d...

  jay254   2021-03-21

Password Generate program in Python


Password Generate project is a project that will allow you to input a passphrase and generate a more complicated password depending on the range you want.The program is capable of indicating if the password is weak,Very weak,good and very good depend...

  jay254   2019-07-10

Store Management project in Python


STORE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is Desktop Application to sore management. The project “Store Management System” is implemented to reduce the manual work and enhances the accuracy of work in a store.STORE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM allows you to print all the in...

  jay254   2019-04-22