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20 New Trending Python Project Ideas & Topics [2024]

In this page, you will learn the 20 Exciting Python Project Ideas & Topics in 2024. Here Explore Latest Trending Python project topics and ideas for final year. The Best Guide On The Internet To Know About The Top 10 Python Projects. Python innovative project ideas for developers. Python based projects ideas with brief introduction of each topic. Developing real world Python projects is the best way Ideas to Sharpen Up Your Programming Skills. Final Year Projects – From Basic to Advanced Level. Guide to the Best Final Year Computer Science Project Ideas for CSE students. Python Project support with full documentation.

Here List of Latest Python Project with Source Code for learning a application development. The Best Guide On The Internet To Know About Python project for students. Most popular Python project topics for software engeenring. Get all the BCA and BSC IT projects self learning kits you need along with source code and docs. Latest titles for B.Sc, BE, B.Tech, BCA, MCA, ME, M.Tech students projects. latest Python innovative and unique start ups ideas. Creative and interesting unique ideas and topics for Python project. This list of computer science project ideas for students is suited. We hope this list of projects will definitely helpful to you in getting new ideas and topics based on this technology. 60+ projects ideas for MCA students academic and technical practice. You can find Top Downloaded Python Project Here

Top Trending

List of 20+ latest Python projects idea with details.

Chess Analyzer


its a chess analyzer website that analyze any chess game. its takes input the game png string and analyze using stockfish engine. 1. Define the Sco...

 sujoy_007   May 17, 2024

By using phone number track location of phone number mini project in python


This Python project uses the phonenumbers library to extract details from a mobile number. It validates the number, retrieves the time zone, service p...

 thulasi_790   May 7, 2024

Book Reading


I need a final year project for submission in my college . As i am final year student of btech cse . ...

 shanu11   May 2, 2024



A Unified Approach through Hybrid Models and U-Net Architecture The overarching objective of this research is to contribute to the development of more...

 kanzaarshad   April 28, 2024

Trust based privacy photo sharing in social network


Protecting photos in social media from marphing and giving protection to our profile like photos messages etc ...

 adithya_123   April 19, 2024

Construction worker plans


A project that shows the information about the working process of labours Our project motive is awareness customer ...

 isravel   April 16, 2024

Social project regarding education


Using artificial intelligence create a mobile application that helps to reduce the dropout students rate in Telangana ...

 samanvitha1806   April 13, 2024

Human activity recognition using python


human activity recognition using cnn+lstm from python, and also i need documention like introduction to system, System analysis,requiremennt specifica...

 vaishukudale   March 22, 2024

Bank cheque automation process


An automatic cheque processing on bank to the account from the bank on the particular bank only inwards(within the bank)...

 nadhim   March 14, 2024

Document and Reports information of Bakery Shop Chatbot


If you would like, I need the report on the chatbot project using programming in Python( Document and report information about the Bakery Shop Chatbot...

 marwan19   March 12, 2024

Face Emotion detection with high accuracy and latest algorithm


Face Emotion detection with high accuracy and latest algorithm. It is a final year major project. Should increase the accuracy. I have got 50% accurac...

 tictac03   March 3, 2024

Text summarization


What us text summarization,why it us useful for daily use. advantages and Disadvantages of it .what are proposed and existing systems of it . Prepare ...

 jahnavi_7781   February 28, 2024



Health related prediction system using machine learning Final year complete project with source code If had good GUI than it is better ...

 ranvijaysingha   February 28, 2024

Best app like tiktok android app


same as like instagram or tiktok for fun add additional feature same like phone calling without net ....

 faisu01   February 27, 2024

Safe guard the social sphere


this project when a user gets a message we will classify it as spam or not and also sometimes we may also get spam links so we need to check whether ...

 matthe   February 27, 2024



Student registration forms are used to register students for classes, tutoring, extracurricular activities, and various school organizations. Whether ...

 lahari_chowdary   February 8, 2024

Job Portal


I need a job portal with basic python without using any frameworks. ...

 srinivas_seela   February 3, 2024

Face Recognition Using Yolov7 Python Project


Can i get this project's report and abstract as its not available ith the site i wish to get the report please do the needful ...

 kryshnan   January 30, 2024

News aggregator with sentiment analysis


web application that scrapes news articles from various sources usin web scraping libraries, implement NLP to perform sentiment analysis ...

 kashyguru   January 29, 2024

Hospital management system


provide the project with detailed explanation. screenshots. source code. all the functionalities of a hospital. ...

 lj2307   January 28, 2024

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