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20+ of the Most Interesting Projects Source Code in Java [2023]

Java Features

1. Platform Independence.

Java is a platform independent language becoz of the bytecode magic of java. In java when we execute the source generates the .class file comprising the bytecodes. Bytecodes are easily interpreted by JVM which is available with every type of OS we install.

2. Object Oriented.

Object-oriented programming is a method of programming based on a hierarchy of classes, and well-defined and cooperating objects.

3. Robust.

java gives importance to memory management by using the technique called Garbage Collection and Exception handling.

4. Security

since java is used on internet, security is an important issue. A security code is asked before a java code is interpreted on internet.

5. MultiThreading and interactive

Multithreading means handling more than one job at a time. Java supports Multithreading.

Running a Java Project

Running a Java project involves compiling your Java code and executing it using the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Here's a step-by-step guide on how to run a Java project:

1. Install Java Development Kit (JDK):

Download and install the latest version of JDK from the official Oracle or OpenJDK website.

2. Write Your Java Code:

Create a .java file containing your Java code using a text editor or an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) like Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, or Visual Studio Code.

3. Compile Java Code:

Open a command prompt or terminal. Navigate to the directory where your .java file is located. Compile your Java code using the javac command:


4. Run Java Program:

After compiling, run your Java program using the java command followed by the class name (without the .class extension):

java YourClassName

5. Classpath (if needed):

If your program uses external libraries or packages, you might need to include them in the classpath using the -classpath or -cp option:

java -classpath .;path/to/library YourClassName

Remember that the steps above apply to running Java projects locally on your computer. For more complex projects, you might need to consider build tools like Maven or Gradle to manage dependencies and automate the build process. Additionally, when deploying Java applications to production or distributing them, you would package them into executable JAR files or other suitable formats.

Last but not least, if you're just starting with Java, consider learning the basics of the language, object-oriented programming principles, and how to use development tools effectively.

Top Trending

List of newest java projects with source code

3d And 2d Human Face Recognition System project in Java


Face Recognition java project. Criminal Face Detection System. this project find criminal face from database. give a full information....

  sandy   2023-08-23

Hotel Management System project in Java


These systems facilitate efficient management of various hotel functions, including reservations, guest information, room inventory, billing, reporting, and more. Login details Do your registration & login the system....

  102030405060   2023-08-02

Airline Reservation System Using Java ,netbeans And Mysql project in Java


The goal of this project on Airline Management System is to automate the airline registration procedure. The system includes information such as passenger information, flight information, and a list of all passengers, as well as the ability to store ...

  vamshi2000   2023-06-05

Superstore Management System Using Java 1.8.0 project in Java



  psyconerd_k22   2023-05-28

Store Inventory Management System project in Java


An inventory management system is a computer-based system used to manage the ordering, inventory levels, pricing, and accounting of merchandise sold in a store. It tracks and records all sales, customer orders, and inventory movement in a store, prov...

  102030405060   2023-05-21

Employee Payroll Management System project in Java


A payroll management system (PMS) is a computer software program used to track and manage employee payroll processing activities. It provides an automated system for automatically calculating employee wages, deductions, and taxes, as well as issuing ...

  102030405060   2023-05-20

Medical Store Management System project in Java


Medical store management system is a computerized system used to store, manage, and track the inventory and sales of medical supplies in a medical store. Login details Admin Login User Name - admin Password - admin@123...

  102030405060   2023-05-16

Student Management System project in Java


Student Management System is a software application designed to help educational institutions manage student information. Login details Admin Login User Name - admin Password - admin Users Login User Name - kishor Password - kishor@123...

  102030405060   2023-05-16

Payroll Management System project in Java


1. Employee Management: 2. Attendance Management: 3. Salary Management: 4. Pay Slip Management: 5. User Management: 6. Report Generation: 7. Login and Security:...

  shonu77   2023-05-15

Pets Care Shop System project in Java


A pet care shop system is a computerized system that helps pet owners and pet care professionals manage the care of their animals. The system can be used to track pet health data, schedule pet appointments, create and manage customer records, and gen...

  102030405060   2023-05-14

Venue Booking System project in Java


The Venue Booking System is a software application that enables businesses and individuals to book venues for events. The system allows users to search for available venues and make bookings for their chosen venues. It also allows users to view venue...

  102030405060   2023-04-18

Bakery Billing System project in Java


Bakery inventory billing system is a software which is used to manage and track the inventory of bakery items. It stores information about the products available and their prices, stock levels, and sales. It also helps to keep track of customer order...

  102030405060   2023-04-18

Wave Cafe Shop project in Java


A Online Wave Café' is MVC based projects. Objective of Cyber Cafe Management System. The objective and scope of my Project Cyber Cafe Management System, The aim of the coffee management is to create communication between rural area people and co...

  kjayesh123   2023-04-11

Address Book System Java Project project in Java


This is a simple address book in which you can save and retrieve entries. Entries can have a large amount of information, including name, address, phone number,date of birth,sex and with a specified number of lines available for notes. You can add, d...

  prashantvphad98   2023-03-17

News App project in Java


In this app user Read the latest news and news is updated by the backend server. In this Application used a api call from the backend server...

  mayankw2   2022-12-31

Student Result Management System In Java project in Java


This is a Student and Result management Software written in Java paired with Mysql Database. This software is capable of adding new student or result and saving it in the Database. This software has an admin login panel to enter the system user have ...

  balghari   2022-12-14

Crime Investigation System project in Java


Their main duty is investigation of offences and maintenance of law. Investigation, here, involves the collection of all the evidences by a police officer or by any person authorized by the Magistrate on this behalf. Login details User Name - adm...

  102030405060   2022-12-13

Hotel Management System project in Java


Traditionally, a hotel management system was defined as a system that enabled a hotel or group of hotels to manage front-office capabilities, such as booking reservations, guest check-in/checkout, room assignment, managing room rates, and billing. ...

  102030405060   2022-12-13

Gst Billing System project in Java


A java application using swing for gst bill calculation application. Login credentials User Name - admin Password - admin...

  102030405060   2022-12-08

Cafeteria Billing System project in Java


Cafeteria Billing System is a simple desktop application for calculating the bill of food products ordered by the customers and store the order details in database. Login details Register & login your credentials....

  102030405060   2022-12-08

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