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Java Features

1. Platform Independence.

Java is a platform independent language becoz of the bytecode magic of java. In java when we execute the source generates the .class file comprising the bytecodes. Bytecodes are easily interpreted by JVM which is available with every type of OS we install.

2. Object Oriented.

Object-oriented programming is a method of programming based on a hierarchy of classes, and well-defined and cooperating objects.

3. Robust.

java gives importance to memory management by using the technique called Garbage Collection and Exception handling.

4. Security

since java is used on internet, security is an important issue. A security code is asked before a java code is interpreted on internet.

5. MultiThreading and interactive

Multithreading means handling more than one job at a time. Java supports Multithreading.

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List of newest java projects with source code

Na project in Java


Sample Features And Functionality Here A dashboard website for a Life Insurance Company. Built using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS Login, logout, session, multilevel access, image uploads are implemented here. Features Agents can create clients Agents can ...

  gumetkase   2022-05-18

Wifi_password Hacking project in Java


1. To recover all wifi save user's name and password on a system 2. To hack a IP address of all discovered wifi router from the web adim login web page...

  dupe123   2022-05-18

Image Gallery project in Java


Talking about the project, it contains a user side where a user can post photos easily. This project contains limited features which is only related to a photo gallery. In this project, the user has to perform all the main functions from the user sid...

  nayana_1607   2022-04-14

Painting Color Using Java project in Java


Visual studio , android application (web ide) available on playstore To use this application to color a many projects and application ...

  pragos123   2022-03-29

Amazing Multicolored Fireworks 🎆🎇 project in Java


Visual studio , android application (web ide) available on playstore This application is designed for computer 🖥️ screen out This used to many design to complete ...

  pragos123   2022-03-29

Mobile Specifications Website Using Html,css And Java With Database Connectivity project in Java


All specifiactions of mobile with images and you can write the review and in will be store in database. you can add more devices specs with simple modification in code....

  ronak3899   2022-03-20

Online Blood Bank Management System project in Java


A Online Blood Bank Management System Project is a web based project. The main objective of the Blood Bank Management System is to manage the details of Blood ,Donor, Blood Group, Blood Bank,S tock...

  kjayesh123   2022-03-07

Coffee Shop Management System project in Java


This system is concerned with the management of hotel guests. You must first register and then log in to the system before you can use the system. we can manage your workplace from there. system is able to add customers, monitor your sales, and chang...

  nayana_1607   2022-03-01

Pharmacy Management System project in Java


The Pharmacy Administration System (PAS) is a clinical shop system written in NetBeans and Java. This approach gives you control over your medicine store in terms of what you can add to it and what you can remove from it. This is a straightforward ta...

  nayana_1607   2022-03-01

Class Time Table project in Java


Automatic Timetable manager is a Android based software used to generate timetable automatically. Will help to you manage all the periods automatically and also will be help full faculty who will get timetable in thei...

  jitendrakumarsharma   2022-01-25

E-contact project in Java


1. Synchronization of contact list with your android phone in one click. 2. Easy process of automatic fill up while importing from networking sites. 3. System can easily found duplicate contact details and take necessary actions. 4. E-Contact andr...

  jitendrakumarsharma   2022-01-24

Speakui project in Java


Speech to text means that anything that the user says is converted into text. This feature has come out to be a very common and useful feature for the users. In various places where search feature is implemented like Google Search also in apps like g...

  jitendrakumarsharma   2022-01-24

Online Motor Bike Selling & Booking System project in Java


A Online Motor Bike Selling & Booking System is Web Based project. This system main aim is Online Motor Bike Booking. A following features provides in this system. Like, User can see Bike Details and Company About details. User Can See Bike Gallery...

  kjayesh123   2022-01-06

Medicine Reminder Android App project in Java


Alarms have one time of day and can occur on multiple days of the week. The user is able to view their pills in a today view and can select date to view medicines. In addition, the application stores the history of when each medication was taken; th...

  jitendrakumarsharma   2021-12-30

Covid19 Tracker Realtime Api project in Java


I'm using this API in Android Application : This Api is perfect. Build anything from console widgets to mobile applications with our free and easy to use API. Application work Flow When the application is opened, a...

  jitendrakumarsharma   2021-12-29

Basic Fist Game Using The Python Language - Tkinter project in Java


This projects were developed using various programming languages and can be executed using the required software and modules, keep supporting kashipara. ...

  aditya1225   2021-12-22

Image To Pdf project in Java


Image to pdf converter java used in android studio easy to learn from image to pdf no database xml files...

  hadijutt   2021-12-05



The main objective is to create Shopping Mall Management System that keeps the record of Customer, Employee ,User, Item, Mall, Owner, Mall Admin ,Order Details and also to perform the CRUD operations for each >The proposed system intends user-frien...

  nayana_1607   2021-12-05



The system focuses on automation of conventional placement management system. This system can be used as an application for the Training & Placement Officers in the college to manage the student information with regard to placement. Providing Student...

  nayana_1607   2021-12-05

Blogging API project in Java


Complete blogging API for managing the posts like creating a new post or deleting the post or updating a particular post with spring jwt security This project has also the feature of embedded markdown editor just replace with your api key for it ...

  sriram003   2021-11-26

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