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Java Features

1. Platform Independence.

Java is a platform independent language becoz of the bytecode magic of java. In java when we execute the source code...it generates the .class file comprising the bytecodes. Bytecodes are easily interpreted by JVM which is available with every type of OS we install.

2. Object Oriented.

Object-oriented programming is a method of programming based on a hierarchy of classes, and well-defined and cooperating objects.

3. Robust.

java gives importance to memory management by using the technique called Garbage Collection and Exception handling.

4. Security

since java is used on internet, security is an important issue. A security code is asked before a java code is interpreted on internet.

5. MultiThreading and interactive

Multithreading means handling more than one job at a time. Java supports Multithreading.

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List of nwest java projects with source code

Banking System project in Java


Internet is being widely used as means of communication and referred as window to the world. People now rely on the internet to search for information, to purchase merchandise and to be informed of different services provided by an organization. Most...

  ganeshkavhar   2021-09-23

Medical Store System project in Java


This project is helpful for medical keeper to manage the information of various types of medicine their expiry date, available quantity, price etc. Maintain database. Generating the report. Create report for daily and weekly sale. Create reports ...

  102030405060   2021-08-25

Music Player project in Java


This is the music player with the interactive UI for the easy access for user This application can be used to play mp3 songs. The key features in this are as follows, It contains the ability to fetch all the mp3 songs from the Local Storage. User...

  ganeshkavhar   2021-07-23

Mobile Shop Inventory Management System project in Java


Inventory management is a discipline primarily about specifying the shape and placement of stocked goods. It is required at different locations within a facility or within many locations of a supply network to precede the regular and planned course o...

  102030405060   2021-07-18

Shopping App project in Java


The Smart Shopping List is designed to properly address the existing problems individuals go through during their grocery shopping process. It will be an android application that creates a virtual space for the jotting down the list of grocery items....

  suhana17   2021-07-13

DataStructure Visualization project in Java


Whole Data Structure in Visual way. A data structure is a collection of data type 'values' which are stored and organized in such a way that it allows for efficient access and modification. When we think of data structures, there are generally four f...

  alentrick   2021-07-12

Virtual Notice Board project in Java


Virtual Notice board is a desktop application which is engaged in providing up- to-date articles & notices and other information's for all the users associated with the particular campus or department....

  102030405060   2021-07-11

Nursery Management System project in Java


Planning - demand for planting material, provision of mother blocks, requirement of land area, water supply, working tools, growing structures and input availability. Implementation - land treatment, protection against biotic interference and soil ...

  102030405060   2021-07-11

Gram Panchyat System project in Java


Gram Panchayat (English: Village council) is a basic village governing institute in Indian villages. It is a democratic structure at the grass-roots level in India. It is a political institute, acting as cabinet of the village. Login details User...

  102030405060   2021-07-10

Bus Vehicle Management project in Java


Vehicle Management System is software which is helpful for bus operators, who wants to operate many bus trips in a day. Vehicle Management System is a windows application written for 32-bit Windows operating systems which focused in the area of addin...

  102030405060   2021-07-09

Student Management System project in Java


Student Management System is software which is helpful for students as well as the school authorities. In the current system all the activities are done manually. It is very time consuming and costly. Our Student Management System deals with the vari...

  102030405060   2021-07-09

Vehicle Management System project in Java


The aim of this project was to develop an offline application that could manage vehicles, drivers as well as the passengers could book the rides. There are mainly 5 modules in this project. Vehicle Management Admin can add new vehicles, and mana...

  102030405060   2021-07-06

Movie Booking System project in Java


Movie Ticket Booking System is to provide the customers facility to book tickets for a movie online and to gather information about the movies and theaters. Customer needs to register at the site to book tickets to the movie....

  102030405060   2021-07-06

Student Feedback System project in Java


Student Feedback System for college students have been developed which aims to rate and analyse the college faculty’s performance. This type of Student Feedback system reduces, the strenuous work of physically examining the feedback pages of eac...

  102030405060   2021-07-06

Attendance Management System project in Java


This Attendance Management System have 3 modules like a Admin, Faculty, Student modules. This project is developed in AWT/Swing/MySQL-8 database. Admin User Name: admin & Password: admin...

  102030405060   2021-07-06

Computer Shop Management System project in Java


Saving time in finding particular product and their price making billing process faster. Eliminating manual searching for the products which will be stock. Easy process of adding and deleting products entry. Control panel for making billing process a...

  102030405060   2021-07-02

Chemical Labratory Inventory Management Project project in Java


The CMS is a single computer-based inventory management system that is user-friendly and easily incorporable into existing laboratory practices for inventory management. The software is a simple, easy-to-use inventory management system, including fea...

  102030405060   2021-07-02

Pendamic Management System project in Java


the project is capable of inserting patients, updating them and deleting them. there are 5 countries and each has different table . Data entry in according to what country is selected. the database has 8 tables. 5 Asian countries+ 1 ITlogin+ 1 countr...

  zimmadw   2021-06-23

Background Color Change project in Java


In this application we change label, textbox, button color change through this application. Its an awesome java application....

  102030405060   2021-06-19

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System project in Java


Customer relationship management (CRM) is a process in which a business or other organization administers its interactions with customers, typically using data analysis to study large amounts of information. Login details: User Name: admin & Passwor...

  102030405060   2021-05-27

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