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'' is an educational content website dedicated to finding and realizing Final Year Projects Source code and ideas For Students. This is an online source code sharing portal. All project very helpful for Computer Science student. This project source code helpful for Computer Engineering, MCA, BCA, MscIT, IT, CS, BscIT, BE, BTech, ME, MTech students. Mini project and Major project source codes with document and diagrams. JAVA projects, C#.Net projects, JSP projects, PHP projects, VB projects, SQL, C and C++ projects, android projects, python projects, ASP .net projects, angular js projects, servlet projects, Html CSS project All programming languages project are available almost complement running. Desktop Application, Web Application, Android Application, Project on Software, Testing Projects, project Reports, Technical Faq's, Puzzles, etc. Many useful projects that help development projects. We provide academic mini and micro project source code, documents, database, reports. Final year latest project title for student and new startup ideas. These projects will help you learn new concepts, apply your theoretical knowledge, and showcase your creativity. Whether you are interested in web development, machine learning, data science, or mobile development, we have something for everyone. So, watch this video till the end and get ready to start your own computer science project today. Upload your project on our site that helps other Computer Science students and Devloper. Students undertaking undergraduate degrees in Computer Science. we try to qualify a project with easily run and configuration source code. Download Free Scripts, Codes, Articles, Reviews and Much More. You can review projects and asking to question in get solution of errors. Also, a developer can modified project as per his requirement and submits. We provide latest HTML CSS template for a web application. Here you can Download Bootstrap templates. Html5 web templates and admin panels. You can find top downloaded project source code.

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We are starting a contest in which anyone can participate. you have to just upload a very well built project with us(project must have all the neccssaory file in it i.e. database file, screenshots etc.) and you can win paytm cash. From this, we will get more projects and students will have more option. Project can be made on any programming languages like java,asp,.net,c#,c,c++,android,php,vb,xcode,vb .net,html templates etc. We are provide all project with source code to free download. Click to share project

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Latest Projects for Computer Science Student and Devloper.

Student Management System project in Python


Our project student Management System includes registration of students , storing their details into the system, I,e, computerized the whole process. Our software has the facility to give a unique id for every student and stores the details of every...

  lopalopa   2024-02-24

Employee Management System project in PHP


Project Synapsis of a custom incentive calculation system within an employee management system built in PHP would entail the development of a specialized module or feature set aimed at accurately calculating and managing employee incentives. Here's a...

  lopalopa   2024-02-24

Online Clothing Sell E-commerce Website project in C# .NET


A Online Clothing Sell E-commerce Website is web based MVC Project. Increase the reach ability to customers and achieve bigger marketing through using web portal and social media apps. Simple, easy, and secure payment option. High quality services ...

  kjayesh123   2024-02-19

Biardy project in Java


This application use a Machine learning kit to detect a bird name, You have to upload a image in application from a galley or from camera with the help of machine learning it detect the name. You can also use them for college project....

  mayankw2   2024-02-18

Spam Detection project in Python


Machine Learning for Robust Spam Detection In the ever-evolving realm of email communication, the persistent issue of spam remains a significant concern. Thankfully, machine learning offers powerful tools to combat this problem by effectively clas...

  shashank26   2024-02-16

Responsive School Management System project in PHP


Student management system is software which is helpful for students as well as school authorities. In the current system all the activities are done manually. It is very time taking or consuming and costly. Our student management system deals with th...

  lopalopa   2024-02-15

Jk It Institutes Managing System project in C# .NET


A Online Institutes Management System is web based MVC application. To maintain the subject wise time table for exams. Facility to assign marks/grades to students. To maintain condonation record. To allow verification of marks obtained....

  kjayesh123   2024-02-13

Real Estate Management System project in PHP


A dashboard website for a Life Insurance Company. Built using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS Login, logout, session, multilevel access, image uploads are implemented here. Features Agents can create clients Agents can only edit and delete info of the client....

  yigageorgelucas   2024-02-13

Smart Health Advisory System project in C# .NET


A Smart Health Advisory is web based MVC applications. This system aims at maintaining patient health records and even getting appointments from various doctors for related treatments. The system user must register as a member of this system and k...

  kjayesh123   2024-02-08

Crypto Currency Website project in HTML CSS


Crypto Currency Web App Contains responsive design. Simple and clear Design. Responsive navbar and sections....

  dharanikathir   2024-02-06

Online Golf Tournament Management System project in C# .NET


A Online Golf Club Management System is web based MVC application. he Golf Scoring System is a comprehensive web-based application designed to efficiently manage Sorts, Scores, Pitches, Golf and Length, This fully online program gives you persona...

  kjayesh123   2024-02-06

Age Calculator Using Vb2013 project in VB .NET


Calculate age in years, months, and days with selected date. ...

  spongbob101   2024-02-03

Online Code Editor Ide For Html, Css & Java-script Project project in JavaScript


The code editor lets you write and practice different types of computer languages. It includes HTML/CSS/JavaScript.......

  yogesh7096   2024-02-02

Jk Marriage Sangam project in C# .NET


The main objective of Matrimonial Web Application is to provide grooms and brides with excellent match making experience by exploring the opportunities and resources to meet true potential partner....

  kjayesh123   2024-01-31

Create Custom Chatbot Using Open Ai Api project in HTML5


This is code for a custom chat bot using open AI API. You can embed this code to your existing website or you can create another website. You can also use it for learning and testing....

  uzairkhan_ux   2024-01-27

Online Tours Trip App project in C# .NET


A Online Tours Trip App is web based MVC application. Tour Package Web Application aims to provide users with a platform to browse, book, and manage travel packages online. This document outlines the high-level business requirements for the applica...

  kjayesh123   2024-01-25

Healthify - A Complete Medicare Solution project in Android


Manage Patients and assign the doctors also have very high functionalities to view like articles etc ...

  kartik851   2024-01-23

Tic-tac-toe Game project in React js


To create a Tic-Tac-Toe Game in React js will use the React functional components along with React JS hooks to enable the interaction and store moves. After each move, the component will switch between players and mark X or 0 on selected part the boa...

  anjalirawke21   2024-01-19

Face Recognition Using Yolov7 Python Project project in Python



  rockstararun   2024-01-11

Brain Tumor Detection Using Yolov8 Python Project project in Python



  rockstararun   2024-01-11

Latest Project Ideas for Computer Science

Cofee shop management System


Cofee shop management system that include customer, admin, employees, transaction details, products,order detail...

 nithya81   2024-02-24 07:08:58

Online faculty recruitment system


It’s an online web application in which Candidate can register themselves online & apply for job. The site also makes it possible for Schools, ...

 priyanshi06   2024-02-23 14:06:07

Online faculty recruitment system


It’s an online web application in which Candidate can register themselves online & apply for job. The site also makes it possible for Schools, ...

 priyanshi06   2024-02-23 14:04:53

Hospital management system


project must contain all the documentation and source code needed dfd,er diagram etc. requesting you to proceed as soon as possible...

 varshini2411   2024-02-23 06:48:02

Automated time table generator


Provide me a automated time table generator code in any programming language. It is necessary to me to complete the mini project work...

 sonu_5   2024-02-23 02:59:10

Online sports club management system


Our website for Smash Padel Oman features court reservations, an online shop for merchandise, a query form for customer inquiries, a review section, a...

 technayab   2024-02-22 19:07:33

Latest HTML CSS Templates

We provide latest HTML CSS template for website. Download bootstrap templates, html5 template for web application.

College Website Template 50+ Pagesfree Download College Management System Project In Html5 Css3 Php Sql With Source Code template in HTML CSS


A dashboard website for a Life Insurance Company. Built using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS Login, logout, session, multilevel access, image uploads are implemented here. Features Agents can create clients Agents can only edit and delete info of the client....

  vishwaofflin   2022-12-15

Creadit Card Form template in JavaScript


this fetures use clints /agent use only when he/she use online payment method using credit card. so, i think you should to this application... ...

  hemant_9500   2022-12-14

Javascript Image Slider template in JavaScript


silde your image start to end and then end to start and also slide by buttons which is on bottom designed excellent...

  panchmukhi   2022-12-10

Product Filter template in JavaScript


Searching all product by price can set set your price range and toggle your price range.then see the result of price range according to your range. see the product by search filter and also by category. ...

  panchmukhi   2022-12-10

Car Repair Templates template in HTML5


A Online Car Repair Templates is a HTML Template. A following task is available in this template like : Home, About info, Car Info, Gallery, Contact, Login Section, Registration Section, Services, Features etc.....

  kjayesh123   2022-11-28

Responsive Sign Up Form In Html,css,js And Bs5 template in HTML CSS


It include form validation, and show password features in this form. you can't submit form without match password....

  pandeysatyam   2022-10-11

Top Downloaded Project Source Code

School Management System project in PHP


Login User Admin Panel User management Add, Delete, Edit Students, Teachers, Subjects, Class, Hostels, Stream Manage Fees, Events, Timetables, attendance Make announcements Publish Exam Results Add fees structure Student’s parent details...

  kjayvik   2023-11-19

Ecommerce Website project in PHP


E commerce Website development in php.eCommerce website features. 1. product catalog details. 2. shopping carts. 3. user past records. 4. admin panel. 5. manage product details and add remove products. 6. generate download e...

  jayvik   2019-04-30

Hotel management system project in HTML CSS


Hotel needs to maintain the record of guests and reserve rooms beforehand. Customers should be able to know the availability of the rooms on a particular date. They should be able to reserve the available rooms according to their need in advance. To ...

  gvnpatidar   2017-01-03

Online Shopping Store project in PHP


It is a E-commerce project. its a dynamic and flexible project.  The Project entitled e-Shopping is a web-based application Software developed in PHP language using PHP as front end on Pentium machine. The main aim of e- Shopping is to impr...

  alamdar786   2019-04-30

online exam project in PHP


Download Project Online exam project in php source code with database.Online Exam project.In this project two type of user. Admin and Students.Admin panel.Admin should be add new exam subjects. also put exam question and answer assign in subject vise...

  jayesh   2011-11-12

student management system project in Java


student management system is software is helpful for students as well as the school authorities. in the current system all the activities are done is very time consuming and this project all kind of information stored.student at...

  madansinghchouhan   2019-04-30

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