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20+ of the Most Interesting Projects Source Code in Python [2023]

many python project source code with latest and new project on python with database. this project is useful for student to learn project development.and also share his knowledge with other student. is useful for student.

Running a Python Project

1. Set Up Python Environment

Before running a Python project, ensure that you have Python installed on your computer. You can download Python from the official website.

2. Install Dependencies

If your project uses external libraries or packages, install them using the following command:

pip install -r requirements.txt

3. Navigate to Project Directory

Open your command-line interface and navigate to the directory where your project's main script or entry point is located.

4. Run the Project

Run the main script or entry point of your project using the Python interpreter:


5. Command-Line Arguments

If your project accepts command-line arguments, pass them when running the script:

python arg1 arg2

6. Virtual Environments (Optional but Recommended)

Create and activate a virtual environment to isolate your project's dependencies:

python -m venv venv


venv\Scripts\activate (Windows)
source venv/bin/activate (macOS/Linux)



7. Project Structure

Consider your project's structure and organization of code files.

8. IDEs and Editors

Use IDEs or editors that provide tools for managing and running Python projects, such as PyCharm, Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, or Atom.

Remember that each project may have its own unique setup and requirements, so consult any project-specific documentation or instructions provided.

Top Trending

Newest python projects source code

E-commerce Website project in Python


Customer can view/search products without login. Customer can also add/remove product to cart without login When customer try to purchase product, then he/she must login to system. After creating account and login to system, he/she can place orde...

  abhishek1491   2023-09-22

Steganography --- Message Hiding In Image project in Python


This project is on desktop application which based Steganography --- Message hiding in image application. Built using Python, We have to select image from desktop and we able to hide message which can only seen after entering correct key. You can mak...

  kaistubh26   2023-09-05

Blood Bank Management System Using Django project in Python


Its a web application created by using the Django framework having donor,admin, receiver modules it will be using on real-time blood stock management at hospitals to keep the blood stocks....

  naresh_raja   2023-08-17

Simple Examination System project in Python


This Python program implements a simple Examination System. It allows staff and students to perform various actions, such as creating students, conducting exams, approving students for exams, generating reports, and more....

  govardan   2023-07-29

Offline Geolocator Using Python Tkinter Library For Windows project in Python


Offline coordinate plotter from .xlsx files. GUI based, easy to follow, beginner friendly project. Coordinate data shown on map when particular plot is clicked. Option to adjust plot size. Highly customisable. Provides 5 map quality options ranging f...

  yg1234   2023-07-27

Simple Flight Reservation System project in Python


The Flight Reservation System is a user-friendly program that provides functionality for passengers to book and cancel tickets, and cashiers to approve or cancel tickets. The program is designed using object-oriented principles and offers a simple an...

  govardan   2023-07-11

Basic New Tkinter 0cdser040 Using The Python - Tkinter project in Python


This tkinter project was developed using various python modules and can be executed using the required software and modules, keep supporting kashipara. ...

  aditya1225   2023-07-03

Speech Recoginition System project in Python


This is an AI assistant named Jarvis which can perform various tasks using voice commands. This program is created using Python programming language and utilizes several libraries such as pyttsx3, speech_recognition, datetime, wikipedia, webbrowser...

  govardan   2023-07-01

Blood Bank Management System project in Python


Admin Create Admin account using following command After Login, can see Unit of blood of each blood group available, Number Of Donor, Number of blood request, Number of approved request, Total Unit of blood on Dashboard. Can View, Update, Delete D...

  abhishek1491   2023-06-16

Expense Tracker project in Python


As the name itself suggest, this project is an attempt to manage our daily expenses in a more efficient and manageable way. Sometime we can’t remember where our money goes. And we can’t handle our cash flow. Our goal is to create an expense trac...

  saurav04   2023-06-04

Restaurant Management System project in Python


Import tkinder,random,date,datetime make sure you have imported pip download and unzip the file open the pycharm click on file->settings-> project interprenur-> click on the +(plus)-> import the above mentioned ...

  naffii   2023-06-02

Music Player project in Python


loads the music player from you laptop directories and then when you run the file the music is played ...

  naffii   2023-05-28

Hospital Management System project in Python


Admin Signup their account. Then Login (No approval Required). Can register/view/approve/reject/delete doctor (approve those doctor who applied for job in their hospital). Can admit/view/approve/reject/discharge patient (discharge patient when tre...

  abhishek1491   2023-05-13

Ipl Stimulator project in Python


# This simulator in the media This simulator was featured on [Wisden](, [CricTra...

  thejas0312   2023-05-10

Qr Code Generator With Print (text Or Link) project in Python


The script allows the user to enter any text or link, and then generate a QR code image based on that input. The generated QR code can be displayed in the GUI and printed to a file using the Print QR Code button. The script uses the qrcode librar...

  ramesh0296   2023-03-19

Simple Screenshot App-one Click project in Python


Our app is a simple and highly effective tool for taking screenshots with just one click. With this app, you no longer need to rely on any other tool or software for taking screenshots. All you have to do is press the Enter key on your keyboard and v...

  ramesh0296   2023-03-19

Eazy File And Folder Manager For Professionals project in Python


This tool simplifies the use of frequently accessed files and folders from a single app. It saves time by eliminating the need to switch between files or folders. Simply load your desired files and folders into the app's interface, and you can easily...

  ramesh0296   2023-03-19

Realtime Face Attendance System Using Haar Cascade | Project Report project in Python


1. Complete Source Code 2. Project Report 3. Installation Video. 4. Code Explanation Video User Registration: Our system allows users to register their faces along with their name identity. This registration process is quick and easy, and it...

  extrinsic_tech   2023-03-11

Heart Disease Detection With Gui project in Python


To train th model and using tkinter we create GUI to evaluate output About half of all Americans (47%) have at least 1 of 3 key risk factors for heart disease: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and smoking. Some risk factors for heart disease c...

  chulindraraiq   2023-03-03

New Tkinter Ssvr Using The Python - Tkinter project in Python


This tkinter project was developed using various python modules and can be executed using the required software and modules, keep supporting kashipara. ...

  aditya1225   2023-02-12