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Latest project ideas and topics

Latest project abstract for final year project. These idea and topics for student. share your project ideas with us. Final year project title in desktop web application and mobile development. So many topics availabel on web but we are provide a Creative and interesting unique ideas for students. Huge collection of topics with source code free of cost download. Java project ideas for desktop and web applications. Latest Android project topics for mobile apps developments. Top Trending PHP project ideas for online application. Latest Python project topics for college students.

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the source code should be easy to understand and implement. the project will contain several login pages like student,teacher,admin. And the method us...

Java projects topics   ankushanky_123 2020-07-09 16:58:17



Decision support system to buy a gadget like mobile laptop earphone ,they apply there requirement given in website then they can got the apropriade re...

Java projects topics   sachin983 2020-07-09 16:54:04

Prepare a C Program for Billing system for a shop.


Program will ask to enter the product name with amount and atlast it will calculate the total amount with discount along with the productlist, Price, ...

C/C++ projects topics   sahuchhabi 2020-07-06 18:07:47

Living Mantras


Basically i want a console based java project. The task is : Creating an all-round wellness app which helps the user to release stress and maintain hi...

Java projects topics   sayali1098 2020-07-06 05:15:20

Security System for DNS Using Cryptography


The DNS Security is designed to provide security by combining the concept of both the Digital Signature and Asymmetric key (Public key) Cryptography. ...

Java projects topics   anuouksha 2020-07-06 05:09:10

User Privacy and Database Security Using Context Based Access Control in Android Devices


i need and location app where i can disable and enable camera based on locations provied. example : if i have given location of my college vit pune th...

Android projects topics   charuli12 2020-07-05 10:16:18

Video Library Management System


The project should be having login and registration system with all the requirements in it. Also having main menu and sub menu which includes all typ...

Python projects topics   prachiswarnim 2020-07-01 14:42:39

Water Supply Or Water Delivery Management


i want water sully or water delivery system in php. Kindly provide me this kind of project. Kindly inform me about its availability asap....

PHP projects topics   manzarhabib786 2020-06-29 14:43:22

Doctor appointment system


With password and username admin page and demo on how to run in EclipseEE. ............................................................................

Java projects topics   aqilah1998 2020-06-29 11:39:19

Online electrical bill payment


a customer should registered through names, meter number,password and email also should have admin side which contain bill number,account number,amoun...

PHP projects topics   amani1995 2020-06-29 07:36:44

Intelligent Website


i'm looking for any php project in which some intelligence is involved. not just simple website that extract data from databases. please reply ASAP it...

PHP projects topics   muzzmemon 2020-06-28 16:47:24

Duplicated Audio Detection .net


Merely, all audio files that any person has on his computer are encoded in some format. Therefore, the first step (1) in the algorithm is decoding the...

VB projects topics   hemakumar72 2020-06-26 13:44:51

technologies of humans


hi, everyone. i am srinivas, everyone needs clean and green earth. for that every technology/invention that was discovered in any field of science is ...

Java projects topics   shanmuk 2020-06-25 05:20:53

Tour & Travels


Price Project dfgffdgdfgdgdfgkdgsfdjgjfdjgdfgklfdgdjgfdjgfdjgjfdsjkjsgkdjgfdsggffdgfgfdfggfgdgdfggdfg...

PHP projects topics   deepaksaraswati 2020-06-24 08:15:13

Ecommerce website


the project that i am looking is a shopping website based on java in which we can add items to the website using administrator login and from user log...

Java projects topics   deed_rawat 2020-06-23 09:12:31

Hospital mangment


The key features in hospital management system are: 0.At start you have to enter the current date. 1. Add new patient record: In this feature, user...

C/C++ projects topics   mirzasaad 2020-06-21 10:40:07

Hotel management


I want use case diagram, activity diagram, navigation model, presentation model using UML and UWE notations...

HTML CSS projects topics   emmawilliam 2020-06-20 15:22:32

Library Management System with K Cluster algorithm


This paper has finished data mining from library management system by K-means algorithm of the cluster analysis, made cluster analysis on various char...

Python projects topics   calvin_wesley20 2020-06-20 12:56:11

Telephone billing system


i need a project of above topic which include gui like button frames set text and also include databasses event handling Note:supports netbeans a...

Java projects topics   malikwaheed 2020-06-19 18:45:32

Library management system


A simple library management system for making the life of librarians and its user easy and cool. This project is made in C++ using many concepts of C...

C/C++ projects topics   tesmiashafique 2020-06-19 11:35:51

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