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Latest project ideas and topics

Latest project abstract for final year project. These idea and topics for student. share your project ideas with us. Final year project title in desktop web application and mobile development. So many topics availabel on web but we are provide a Creative and interesting unique ideas for students. Huge collection of topics with source code free of cost download. Java project ideas for desktop and web applications. Latest Android project topics for mobile apps developments. Top Trending PHP project ideas for online application. Latest Python project topics for college students.

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List of ideas and topics for projects

Online Tours and Travels Management System


User can find tour packages and can find hotel booking system according to the destination, the transport booking system should also be there. user ca...

PHP projects topics   tanvinamoon 2020-11-29 23:57:51

Django based exam application with some anticheat system


please create a django based exam application by which we can conduct online quiz based examination ... 1. student can signup 2. teacher can set pap...

Python projects topics   am245895 2020-11-29 07:00:32

Online book resell and share


The purpose of the project entitled as “Book resell and share” is to provide a platform on which people can buy and resell their used books. Whic...

PHP projects topics   mobhera 2020-11-28 07:34:21

Cyber crime prevention


Cyber bullying involves posting and sharing wrong, private, negative, harmful information about victim. In today's digital world we see many such ins...

PHP projects topics   aeshgada 2020-11-27 12:43:41

Hospital management system


hospital management system HMS was introduced to solve the complications coming from managing all the paper works of every patient associated with ...

HTML CSS projects topics   gullumollu 2020-11-26 16:31:14

Php Project On Credit Card Fraud Detection


The project titled “Credit card Fraud Detection” is designed utilizing PHP as front end and MY-SQL as a back end. Because of a quick advancement i...

PHP projects topics   maximus6199 2020-11-24 12:57:11



simple quiz with multiple choice questions and lifeline support and a countdown timer.GUI if possible ...

Python projects topics   lamecaptain117 2020-11-24 08:10:00

Multiple Chess Engine


.1 - The idea is to replicate 3 to 5 times a strong chess engine like Raubfish GTZ22f and insert the clones.exe in the CombiChess project (https:/...

C/C++ projects topics   scacchig 2020-11-23 02:53:54

Online shopping system


i can't download report card of it please give me its report card it is running well very good properly working...

PHP projects topics   surajkumaraga 2020-11-22 14:02:20

Online courier system


i need a online courier system project with three modules. the user module that can view the login details,the policy details, the order details and t...

C/C++ projects topics   rutujaa 2020-11-22 13:15:01

Cricket score viewer


project should show the data of the matches viewer wants to see and it must be written in c++ language ...

C/C++ projects topics   vsp2416e 2020-11-22 11:44:14

Eschool management


as per admin teacher student login and parent for the use of the application ad dskfndsnfdfndsnfnlkn ...

C# .NET projects topics   5962sabya 2020-11-22 05:09:21

Online photo gallary


this web application should allow user to upload photos into his/her account in the website with the different album options ...

PHP projects topics   nikhilsunny 2020-11-22 03:13:26

Smart car park


OKOK we have to create a powerful mobile application. best no lazy create Java android Java android Java android Java android Java android ...

Java projects topics   yingying 2020-11-21 17:46:38

Car rental system


describe the modules login username password search car model, price select please help me in coding. What coding is used in behind a modules. ...

C# .NET projects topics   irshd233333 2020-11-21 16:11:31

Plasma Bank


this project is about donating plasma. there should be an user panel where all user can see the donar's list. & can register for doantion. Admin can d...

PHP projects topics   ashin34 2020-11-20 18:31:45

Sports m,anagement system


we are from banglore searching BCA 5th sem final year project our topic name is sports shop managements system project ...

VB .NET projects topics   sreeharik 2020-11-20 14:28:11

Event management system


I need the complete source code and report.The project should be done using xampp server.this project should be web application project....

PHP projects topics   milancy 2020-11-20 12:15:55

Wine quality prediction


we wanted project documentation which contains the existing system proposed system ,system design, srs, system architecture ...

Python projects topics   pratimanishal 2020-11-19 16:02:17

Result Management System For Quiz and Exam


Result Management System For Quiz and Exam This Should be a Desktop Project On Result Processing Whereby It Should Show Where The Student Should be Pr...

Java projects topics   vic9ja 2020-11-19 14:13:42

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