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Latest project abstract for final year project. These idea and topics for student. share your project ideas with us. Final year project title in desktop web application and mobile development. So many topics availabel on web but we are provide a Creative and interesting unique ideas for students. Huge collection of topics with source code free of cost download. Java project ideas for desktop and web applications. Latest Android project topics for mobile apps developments. Top Trending PHP project ideas for online application. Latest Python project topics for college students.

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Online Website


Major Project for bca student..i need a website.. It should work in online.. I need all report and source code...

 ravishsk   2022-07-06 14:41:30

Public complaint Registration


Public complaining about daily problem faced in their area to local corporation like drainage problems road problems etc with taking pictures of probl...

 iranna19   2022-07-06 09:53:11

Retail Banking System


The retail banking system needs to expose the following resources: ?Customers: Handles creation of Customers within the bank ?Accounts: Handles c...

 iamharsh45   2022-07-05 15:09:45

Womens safety app


i request you to post the womens safety app report and its output.and a video about how to perform the operation....

 spoor_0401   2022-07-05 14:50:32

Online student clearance system


be able to give feedback to cleared students once they are cleared and also notify them that have had a successful clearance...

 joshmine   2022-07-04 19:20:35

Cloud based student information inquiry helpdesk and chatbot system for NSVS


Namugongo secondary and vocational school, With all your learning environment in Wakiso. Both Secondary and Vocational standards and for more inform...

 wanijulius70   2022-07-04 14:18:24

Wedding Planner System


The project should consists of a panels home admin page,planner ,user,contacts. first user should provide details to log in (user login) then user reg...

 rfauma   2022-07-03 14:07:06

Patient referal system


a doctor can refer a patient from one medical unit to another a patient can browse nearby health facilities that offers a certain service only syste...

 ceaserojara   2022-07-03 12:16:01

Vehicle management system


please provide that same as in kashipara vehicle management system to run directly on system and also with full project...

 bbcharan23   2022-07-02 13:36:03

Video steganography using neural network


in this project, we are trying to hide an image file inside a video file by using the neural network method...

 dasyubaraj   2022-07-02 09:31:20

Book Donation System


Web app to donate the used books or other materials of the university or student to the needy students or the people across the country. Using this sy...

 neerajbaidya   2022-07-01 12:22:01

Online shoe shop


Online shoe shop website project on php MySQL for final year student using css,html, javascript language ...

 darshan142   2022-07-01 10:36:15

Enterprise resource planning Software


To manage the staff details and Human resource management of a mini office and the basic accounting functions and the report generation in the office ...

 praiosnlife   2022-06-30 06:49:13



credit-card-fraud-detection-app i want this project asap boz my placements are comming soon so please provide me with this ...

 aanya_11   2022-06-29 18:34:16

Musical instrument store


A music instrumental store which includes all the music instrument types with their cost and addition and deletion of things...

 vaish143   2022-06-29 14:06:33

Aily expense tracker system php project report


aily expense tracker system php project report pdf and diagram and source code please help and send whatsapp numer in details ,Thank you Sir. ...

 kishan_01   2022-06-29 13:27:31

School Management System



 hamzakhadar   2022-06-29 06:13:11

Cyber cafe management system


cyber cafe management system using file structure concept. language used is c language it is used software thst handles all the data related to syste...

 ramesh29   2022-06-28 16:15:01

Maths and physics calculator with 5 formulas each


Create a python tkinter project with 5 formulas each to calculate for maths and physics. When the program is run there should be 2 buttons( Maths, Phy...

 hunter4lf   2022-06-28 09:17:43

Merchant payment with Mobile wallet


I want project for my cse engineering . The project is merchant payment with Mobile wallet ( like phone pay , paypal , gpay) but I want beginner level...

 bindalpratham   2022-06-27 16:21:32

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