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Top 15 Project Ideas With Source Code [2024]

Latest project abstract for final year project. The below given list consists of some beginner level project ideas which can be used as major projects by the computer science students or professionals. You can share your project ideas with us. Are you confused about making a computer science project? Check out this article to find top 20 interesting and creative project ideas. Final year project title in desktop web application and mobile development. Projects to build their technical knowledge and exchange ideas. So many topics availabel on web but we are provide a Creative and interesting unique ideas for Computer Science students. Huge collection of topics with source code free of cost download. Java project ideas for desktop and web applications. Latest Android project topics for mobile apps developments. Top Trending PHP project ideas for online application. Latest Python project topics for college students.

Top Trending

List of new trending topics of real life project for devloper and computer science students

Trust based privacy photo sharing in social network


Protecting photos in social media from marphing and giving protection to our profile like photos messages etc ...

 adithya_123   2024-04-19 12:47:06

Online medical shop website


create a website for a vet medical store shop name mandovi medical try to create dyanamic website if possible ...

 vicky141126   2024-04-19 04:17:24

Feedback customer


Feedback customer that every feedback have a category of each category and the feedback will go to the each admin in their specific department like if...

 remaja_jambang   2024-04-17 08:20:57

Construction worker plans


A project that shows the information about the working process of labours Our project motive is awareness customer ...

 isravel   2024-04-16 16:46:22

Project selling website


A website like that shows the project which we have already done. And what type of projects we have to work in the future...

 rashika03   2024-04-14 16:39:42



the project should be about NGO and there must me Dashboard login and signup for new users. donation for those who want to help ...

 sonrider   2024-04-14 07:16:57

Social project regarding education


Using artificial intelligence create a mobile application that helps to reduce the dropout students rate in Telangana ...

 samanvitha1806   2024-04-13 13:03:00

Shopping list


display table fields on screen from database ...

 stevevater   2024-04-13 06:49:50

Restaurant website


restaurant website .hjkdslksndsa dfklsds;fldf;dnfs[;lkjhgfghjkl,mn bn,lkjhgkkjbvbnadbsdjsdfosdhfosdfnkdnbfd...

 shivva   2024-04-11 13:30:56

Website for computer institute


Project for an computer institute website like basic home contact and course catalog sign in login Page by creating backend for that project also crea...

 v_a_s_a_n_t_h   2024-04-11 04:05:32

Project setup process


project setup process share how to setup project process simple way to project setup process easy way...

 prashanta004   2024-04-09 01:50:27

Website similar to Pinterest


I want a website something similar to Pinterest of upto 10 pages .this web application is basically foe frontend ....

 adii145   2024-04-08 05:38:03



school management system with source codes hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

 esprince   2024-04-06 17:12:23

Rastaurant table and menu reservation system


Online Restaurant Table Booing System in Php with MySQL , restaurant table booking system, by which customer can book a table and can order food menu ...

 rishoo99   2024-04-02 16:42:53

Design and Implementation of Automated Student Group Finder


Collaborative learning is a dynamic pedagogical approach that emphasizes student interaction and engagement in the learning process. In this model, st...

 ayabdull   2024-03-29 21:58:13

Online learning platform


online learning management system web development using html css java script bootstrap .where activities for students browse courses,enroll in course...

 maithali2356   2024-03-28 18:06:26

Gym management system


I want my project realistic,I want gym related things in my project like how to add members,staff , trainer, equipment etc....

 mona2392   2024-03-26 04:46:34

Police management system


A management of crimes and reports , just removing the old manual system, to incorporate a new automatic online system ...

 venchy   2024-03-25 18:18:42

Student Help Desk System


A home page where an admin can control the student activity and staff activity. There should be a login page where it can be used by anyone and can us...

 sandeshtoppo   2024-03-25 15:51:50

Online Tiffin serivces


project should be well oragnized and if it is possible i want project name in marathi i want my project colourful and well also add photos off tiffin...

 sanyu9917   2024-03-24 10:52:51

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