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Latest project abstract for final year project. These idea and topics for student. share your project ideas with us. Final year project title in desktop web application and mobile development. So many topics availabel on web but we are provide a Creative and interesting unique ideas for students. Huge collection of topics with source code free of cost download. Java project ideas for desktop and web applications. Latest Android project topics for mobile apps developments. Top Trending PHP project ideas for online application. Latest Python project topics for college students.

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Spotify clone


i need a spotify clone project with documentation for final year project submission of my B.Tech. please provide me the project as soon as possible ...

 aayushikansal   2023-01-26 11:28:13



Prevention of cyberhdhdhdhhdhdhhdhdgdgdhfhhdgfhbfbbdbbbdbbdbdbbdbdbbfbbfbfbbfbfbfbbfhfhfhbfbfbbfhhdhfhhfhfh...

 mustapha60   2023-01-25 20:19:32

ERP,CRM , Accounts and Inventory Management System inn PHP


I really Need This Project. I have to make a complete Distribution level Web App Kindly Help me. I am waiting for your answer ...

 assuffa   2023-01-25 10:50:30

Webpage create


create a STATIC webpage using HTML AND CSS for beginner. EITHER SCHOOL WEBSITE OR ANY OTHER WEBSITE..................

 padmakrish10   2023-01-24 16:34:00

Student fee managment


i need project for student fee managment mvc desktop application c# asp mvc sql server c# asp mvc sql server...

 tayyab90   2023-01-24 13:25:25



keylogger project tells us about the user what he is typing in his keyboard. hacker tries to capture user typing ...

 aakashkordee   2023-01-23 18:26:10

Event management system


Event management system project with source code and report of the project with module diagrams hhsjskshssvssjjsjsnshs...

 maulip   2023-01-23 09:06:59

Notes and Password Management


its like having a single password for different notes in one folder, so we can save storage space and use the mobile without hanging...

 iamsuhanth   2023-01-23 06:48:08

Issue tracker app in java


I went through the website I choose issue tracker app Unable to see or open the source code file and even I want the report for the project so ...

 smmith   2023-01-23 03:04:08

Online Ebook Maker


Online E-Book Maker Project will allow users to create E-Book for free. This software will have Admin Login and Author Login. This system will allow t...

 rehanul   2023-01-22 18:23:38

Health insurance


This project consists of 1.login/registration page 2.home page 4.User dashboard->where user can see all his basic detail like ,insurce details,the...

 anit548   2023-01-22 05:38:03

Cyber forensic science


I needed an project the used in Cyber forensic fields. like password cracking of victims . network defender or also other cybersecurity projects also ...

 kavin14   2023-01-21 09:48:28

Reading hall managemnt system


create student management system in mysql and php having multiple entry point (Name,Adress,Aadhar no,Father name,Mother Name,Adress)and auto increment...

 ankitak71   2023-01-21 09:46:25

Transport Delivery Logistic Services


i need a project which contains truck rentals, courier services with tracking. please make this project as soon as possible...

 shravyaminnu   2023-01-20 17:07:49

Weather forecast using python


Weather forecasting is the attempt by meteorologists to predict the weather conditions at some future time and the weather conditions that may be expe...

 prasanthreddy   2023-01-20 11:08:32

Healthcare application


DSsggsretynsrte ysaseuybswrteywrtehkjrshglkejshr;goaehsr;guaesil;th ukaehypro aeruhgty;aeiruhy p;aoujhg ;aerjh...

 adigay   2023-01-19 17:44:50

Hostel management system


For would be Easier to come with reservations of hostels from their home town who come to study from the other states to other state...

 dinesh19102003   2023-01-19 14:54:36

Face recognition and attendance system


Latest face recognition system And attendance system in one project For bsc computer science students It will a java project...

 kavitha392002   2023-01-19 13:57:09

Image processing


Hi sir , I am Karthikeyan I am going to do project for image processing using python language and please send me a attributes for image processing. Th...

 karthi2217   2023-01-19 13:16:39

Crop prediction using machine learning


Python project with tutorial and guide for developing a code. CROP PREDICTION USING MACHINE LEARNING is a open source you.It is developed using Python...

 inala_jahnavi   2023-01-19 04:41:10

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