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Latest project ideas and topics

Latest project abstract for final year project. These idea and topics for student. share your project ideas with us. Final year project title in desktop web application and mobile development. So many topics availabel on web but we are provide a Creative and interesting unique ideas for students. Huge collection of topics with source code free of cost download. Java project ideas for desktop and web applications. Latest Android project topics for mobile apps developments. Top Trending PHP project ideas for online application. Latest Python project topics for college students.

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PHP project,demo,program ideas and topics
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Android project,demo,program ideas and topics
VB project,demo,program ideas and topics
HTML CSS project,demo ideas and topics
Java Servlet project,demo,program ideas and topics
Python project,demo,program ideas and topics
VB .NET project,demo ideas and topics
JSP project,demo,program ideas and topics
Laravel PHP project,demo ideas and topics
IoT Raspberry Pi project,demo,program ideas and topics
C/C++ project,demo,program ideas and topics
ASP .NET project,demo,program ideas and topics
AngularJS project,demo ideas and topics
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i want it with report. i need a CRM system ...

PHP projects topics   amannnnn 2020-01-21 12:03:43

Bank Management System


give a project on bank management system and report also. today its urgent...............................................................................

Python projects topics   amit_mishra123 2020-01-21 09:21:13

Social networking


i need a project ASAP related A model of social media having an amzing interface and responsive also using javaScript.like facebook type...

HTML CSS projects topics   atul0419 2020-01-19 22:03:06

Event management


event management project with asp.net and mysql . different pages and validation and data connectivity ...

ASP .NET projects topics   priyankahegde 2020-01-19 11:28:46

Hospital management system


The project about hospital the requirements of this system it should be : patient , doctors, nurses, admin, reception, laboratory, wards making treatm...

C/C++ projects topics   zaidoon 2020-01-18 21:40:46

Online Grocery Shopping


Well planned Grocery shpping online..I need this project for the reference of my major projects..I want to get idea by looking at this project..so ...

PHP projects topics   kritish 2020-01-17 17:57:11

Cricket Fantasy


i want cricket fantasy game where user can make cricket team of their own while watching live game and score are rewarded according to the performance...

Java projects topics   mueedjalil3655 2020-01-17 17:34:03

Crop Yield using Machine Learning


To predict the yield of the crops in % given the area, rainfall, temperature, soil and humidity using any strong machine learning algorithm(ie regress...

Python projects topics   maveetha 2020-01-17 06:19:53

Staff Medical Management System


This system is about the medical management where staff can view their medical money allocation and check the balance....

PHP projects topics   heartacheslave 2020-01-15 02:59:27

Online examination system


This project exists but i get error trying to download the project report,please anyway you can help?...

ASP .NET projects topics   nhyiraba12 2020-01-14 16:06:11

Online Khata Book


on line khata book where user can handle all the accounts task like customer payment, total sale balance etc...

Java projects topics   anup_rana 2020-01-14 12:47:48

Doctors appointment system


I want full report of doctors appointment system in php immediately. I will be watting for your reply....

PHP projects topics   nachiket100 2020-01-13 10:19:01

Library management/ hospital management


Website on library management or hospital management .. web pages linked to each other min 8-12 pages and can be more than that... i want it as soon a...

HTML CSS projects topics   aashi_1998 2020-01-12 06:08:59

Employee performance evaluation and appraisal calculation using php


Employee performance reporting provides a simple visual way to compare performance and engagement individually and across the entire company. When you...

PHP projects topics   anshuu 2020-01-12 05:43:11

Railway Reservation System


I have to prepare my first project on above mentioned topic... I have require a sample simple project with source code and report design code also... ...

C# .NET projects topics   abdulhamidrana 2020-01-12 00:02:24

Cake shop management system


record of the orders,employee and chefs working there and various cakes all track should be kept along with the report generation...

VB .NET projects topics   christy24 2020-01-09 13:34:13

Mobile info


i need php project mobile info where alot of mobile info is available and should have price range in this project....

PHP projects topics   mishitum 2020-01-06 18:37:56

Travel agency management system


this project should help the agent to make bookings and save user information on databaseThe Travel Agency Management System is an application that wi...

C# .NET projects topics   sneha28 2020-01-06 16:57:42

School management system


Hi greetings of the day, i need online school management system for submission for college project , Thank you...

C# .NET projects topics   sandeepkumar.varala 2020-01-06 14:25:40

Coffee management


need coffee shop managemennt system with the object oriented programming following gang of four dsign patterns...

C/C++ projects topics   ain360 2020-01-04 05:48:09

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