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latest Android project topics, ideas & titles

Here we provide a Android project ideas for beginners. Explore latest Android project topics and ideas for final year projects. Free Download mini and major Android project defination source code. Android innovative project ideas for developers. Android based projects ideas with brief introduction of each topic. Final year project abstract and project ideas for students. Here List of Latest Android Project with Source Code for learning a application development. Best Android project code for students. Most popular Android project topics for software engeenring. Latest titles for B.Sc, BE, B.Tech, BCA, MCA, ME, M.Tech students projects. latest Android innovative and unique start ups ideas. Creative and interesting unique ideas and topics for Android project. We hope this list of projects will definitely helpful to you in getting new ideas and topics based on this technology. You can find Top Downloaded Android Project Here

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List of latest Android project ideas

Home Automation


This is an android application that will be used to control electrical things in your house like; funs, lights and other devices using arduino...

Android projects topics   sukali 2021-08-02 09:38:47

Bus tracking application


i need a local bus tracking app. where people dont need to wait for their bus for a long time. using the application they should able to track their r...

Android projects topics   keerthanakv093 2021-07-21 15:44:32

Bus pass


bus pass management system project that manages and provides various bus pass functionality. The project allows user to register on the bus pass websi...

Android projects topics   supriya06 2021-07-17 05:13:20

Women Safety App


we download your project and we want your report link to download report of this projects so that we cam make ppt....

Android projects topics   sagarnavadiya 2021-07-14 09:41:11

Visa service


i need mini online attendence system must contain login register student detail etc admin side must in asp.net ...

Android projects topics   sinanmuhammad 2021-07-13 10:05:01

Food waste management system


managing the wastage of the food by developing a mobile application which will works as the user will login to this app and send snap to admin about f...

Android projects topics   123shan 2021-07-07 16:26:33

Pizza ordering app


an android application for pizza ordering using android programming sdk and java ecplices in it the app should be short simple any easy it should ...

Android projects topics   shalveen 2021-07-05 07:33:37

Enterprenureship mentorship app


prorviding mentorship to new bussiness people so as to give them general ideas in which bussiness are best for them...

Android projects topics   abdullahishora 2021-07-02 11:44:21

Develope a simple game


if you have this prj then pls let me know asap..........................................................................

Android projects topics   kshitijasatpute 2021-06-13 18:34:06



i want a application which consist 3parts of the module like student, admin and teacher. and student can give their attendance as well marks and all s...

Android projects topics   souvik0303 2021-06-12 04:22:30

Online grocery shopping


i m looking for a project where it uses android as a project platform and it should link with the database to view the information....

Android projects topics   deep58 2021-05-16 03:20:54

E-parking system


E-parking system, wants apk file. your project ideas very best, but there are some missing, apk file is not there,, we have to run this ideas on mobi...

Android projects topics   ami_patel_222 2021-04-13 10:13:30

Qr based car parking management system


call me 9408177420 this is my whattsapp number i have project source code but i want to implementation other...

Android projects topics   sahilpatel5237 2021-03-13 09:35:43



I want a E-wallet app. Which has basic features like Registration, Check Balance, Transfer Money, KYC, Add Card . And some privacy feature to secure ...

Android projects topics   mohitjais 2021-03-02 09:04:33

Online movie ticket booking


online movie ticket booking source code needed. please i request to give me that project to complete my submission....

Android projects topics   infected_vei 2021-02-20 05:59:54

Attendance management system app


Student Attendance Management system deals with the maintenance of the student’s attendance. It is maintained on the daily basis and generates the a...

Android projects topics   usama4950 2021-01-25 16:42:53

Login and registeration app


I need that project in which full control over their source code for my better understanding of my preference. I need to simple project to understand ...

Android projects topics   aditya_singh 2021-01-04 21:17:53

Restaurent management system


. .......................................................................................Please can you provide app before 6/12/2020...

Android projects topics   c6541s 2020-12-04 13:37:41

Android patient tracker


The app is designed to help doctors to see the medical history of their patients. Doctors can also continually upgrade the system by entering the late...

Android projects topics   thiviyadass 2020-11-06 10:53:11

College Student Attendance App


Project with class, department, year, semester, shift, hour, student, subject, and take attendance, student wise & subject wise and period wise atten...

Android projects topics   anjani1122 2020-11-02 10:24:55

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