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Features of Object-Oriented Programming Languages

There is no formal definition of object-oriented programming. Hence there is some confusion surrounding what features a programming language must support in order to claim that it is object-oriented. Despite this, however, most agree that in order for a language to claim that it is object-oriented, it must provide support for three major concepts, as inferred from Booch's definition.
Data encapsulation or data abstraction
Inheritance or derivation
Dynamic or runtime binding
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Newest c and c++ project source codes

Data Handling project in C/C++


it will handle the data and store in proper way.withe the help of data handling it handle the data and it will very usefull for user it is made with the help of c++ concept ...

  sudhanshu241   2020-03-31



Employee Database System is based on a concept of recording employee’s details. This whole system is in C++ language. Also, the user can perform all the tasks like adding, viewing, modifying, and deleting employee records...

  ganeshkavhar   2020-03-25

PHONE BOOK project in C/C++


Phone book application are used in many telecommunication companies. This is the small project explaining the working of it....

  arif1029   2020-03-22



Simple Bus Reservation System is based on the concept of reserving bus seats for the passengers. There’s no login system available for this system, the user can freely use its feature. This mini project contains limited features, but the essential ...

  ganeshkavhar   2020-03-11

Multiple Tables project in C/C++


simple program to multiple any tables that can simply make you to know all type of tables that you easily calculate all types of progarams.simple program to multiple any tables that can simply make you to know all type of tables that you easily calcu...

  yukendiran   2020-02-20

Phone Directory System project in C/C++


This project is implemented for phone directory system using C language in this project you can add contact,search contact,edit contact and you can also delete contact these project uses all major concept of C language....

  aakashsingh   2019-11-22

Computer Shop Management System project in C/C++


You can execute the project which will run as Computer Hardware Shop where you have your admin login entry where you need to categorise the user requirements and purchase the products which will be saved in file....

  praful42   2019-10-09

Bookshop Management System project in C/C++


In this application named bookshop management system project in C++, users can add book records, show book records, modify book records, delete book records and check availability of the particular book to buy. File handling has been used to perform ...

  jayvik   2019-08-28

GUI Telephone Billing System Application project in C/C++


Introduction: Telephone billing system is graphical user interface application that helps to manage records of the customers and generate their telephone bills. Using this application the work load can be decreased and the number of employees requ...

  sag101112   2019-07-24

Staff Management In C project in C/C++


The Staff Management System in c++ is based on a concept of managing the records of staff members in an office or organization. Here, the system contains no login feature. The users can easily add and delete and view the staffs. This mini project con...

  hemakumar72   2019-07-18

IT Club Management System project in C/C++


IT Club Management System is based on the concept of managing members record of an IT club or office. Before entering to the dashboard, the user has to pass through a login system in order to use its features. This mini project contains limited featu...

  hemakumar72   2019-07-18

Jio Banking-application Source Code project in C/C++


full source code in banking application the open turbo c and c++ programming complies application and Project: Simple Banking System In C++ -to download simple banking system in c++ project for free(Scroll Down) The Simple Banking System is a conce...

  hemakumar72   2019-07-17

Canteen Management System project in C/C++


A simple canteen management system . There are options like login,inventory,sales record,order,manage employee, etc. Please update the inventory i.e price of item and quantity every time the program is started. Currently there are only three items in...

  cool_mayur   2019-07-17

Theater Show Booking System project in C/C++


This is simple console application which is development in c. in this project user can book ticket. cancel show tickets. so many functions like show status. how many seat available....

  jayvik   2019-07-07

Student Report Card project in C/C++


With the help of this project, the results of the students can be declared, teachers only have to fill the subject numbers of the students, and this project will be able to calculate percentage and grade on their own. You can also get editable if y...

  bharatbj   2019-06-25

Supermarket Biling System project in C/C++


Bill Report: It shows the bill report of all the items added in supermarket billing system. Add, Remove or Edit items: With this feature you can add, remove and modify item details. In add items, you can add information or details such as item no., ...

  vinamra15   2019-06-21

Bank Management project in C/C++


About Bank Management program will ask name, acount number,what type of accopunt,and deposit money. user name =admin password =admin...

  rafimhmd   2019-06-16

Super Market Billing System Console Application project in C/C++


this project is a simple super market billing system which programmed in C language using files. it consists of adding item by admin and he can delete products.the customer can order the products and get it billed....

  nithin099   2019-06-10

student admission system project in C/C++


admissions of students who will admision in institute to learn study.and its easy way to admission of the student in the college or university...

  zaintariq   2019-05-11

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