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20 New Java project topics, ideas & titles [2023]

Here we provide a Java project ideas for beginners. Explore latest Java project topics and ideas for final year projects. Free Download mini and major Java project defination source code. Java innovative project ideas for developers. Java based projects ideas with brief introduction of each topic. Developing real world Java projects is the best way to hone your skills. Final year project abstract and project ideas for students. Guide to the Best Final Year Computer Science Project Ideas for CSE students. Java Project support with full documentation.

Here List of Latest Java Project with Source Code for learning a application development. Best Java project code for students. Most popular Java project topics for software engeenring. Get all the BCA and BSC IT projects self learning kits you need along with source code and docs. Latest titles for B.Sc, BE, B.Tech, BCA, MCA, ME, M.Tech students projects. latest Java innovative and unique start ups ideas. Creative and interesting unique ideas and topics for Java project. This list of computer science project ideas for students is suited. We hope this list of projects will definitely helpful to you in getting new ideas and topics based on this technology. 60+ projects ideas for MCA students academic and technical practice. You can find Top Downloaded Java Project Here

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List of 20+ latest Java project ideas with details.

Android application


An Android application like to save notes or an attendance manegement app .an simple Android application easy to use ...

 aryan909   2023-10-01 07:36:09

Online voting System


voting system enables user to participate in electronics or polls securely and conveniently . The System should provide user registration and authent...

 vh1221   2023-09-22 05:58:58

E-commerce project


an e-commerce web project where the admin can add products and their prices to the site. The project should also give buyers the privilege of becoming...

 toshtt   2023-09-15 12:26:26

Handbags selling website


it is a web development project i have to submit it soon i cant get the projet anywhere kindly help by providing a source code of this project ...

 ammuswathi   2023-09-03 09:52:24

Payroll Management System


Need console - based project using Java, SQL, Hibernate, Maven, log4j and junit. Hotel Management System too...

 naseer77   2023-08-29 11:45:48

Automobile management system


The Automobile Management System is a comprehensive web-based application designed to efficiently manage various aspects of an automobile dealership...

 saikishore_2003   2023-08-28 04:24:53

Online e-Car Cab Management System


The primary goal of an online taxi booking system is to make taxi booking more convenient for customers. Convenience for Customers. Bringi...

 coddingweb   2023-07-31 11:41:10

Health and fitness


Here we provide project for freshers and beginner. we use xml ,json ,java ,php and MySQL database.. it is based on our routine life style. it also us...

 priyashukla1234   2023-07-25 13:57:25

Health and fitness


registration Activity, Login Activity, Dashboard Activity, sleep Activity, Diet Activit , Exercise Activity, ...

 priyashukla1234   2023-07-24 13:16:56

Online Petition


Like the 'change,org', but there should be an option for sending the petition to the addressee after getting the targeted number of signs....

 ajithn2000   2023-07-24 00:11:48

Hotel Reservation system using hibernate and maven


I have done with backend part with source code and its running properly. But I can't find frontend source file. Please share ...

 komalmore1019   2023-07-09 14:09:00

Social activities management system


this project is based on soacial activities management system such as adding social event deleted event , maintain user login, donation system...

 kishana1011   2023-07-07 15:04:24

Student attendance managemant system


this project can access of all student presants and absands and all the staff member are also presants...

 rathodamit5479   2023-07-04 08:47:36

Book store


Managing users and their history of buying books and owners who can sell their books with required title and genre...

 monis_ha2003   2023-06-28 11:22:00

React Based Project


Any Management System or Admin Dashboard Any react Beginner level project i have to show it in my college mini project...

 akashy0524   2023-06-21 14:25:49

Placement management system


source code with the direction how to do or run the project on the given topic plz source code with the direction how to do or run the project on the...

 venku_rj   2023-06-15 17:56:57

Immigration services appointment system


This project should allow users to book appointment online and allow appointments maximum of 1000 customers and directs the customers on which point t...

 ragot_2001   2023-06-15 15:42:28

Women's Safety Device and Application


women's safety device and application with The microcontroller used in Arduino UNO and it is interfaced with a push button,a GPS module,a GSM modem,...

 jessie97   2023-06-15 09:12:13

Online security guard hiring system


Web based app for hiring security guard for me to ease the manual way of recruitment since the current technology is not in favour with us...

 sunusi123   2023-06-14 06:08:26

Campus Recruitment System


We want a project which name is Campus Recruitment System which contains all the campus related information,it is nothing but website which helps to s...

 pmane6623   2023-06-12 16:20:44

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