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20 New Java Projects With Source Code [2024]

In this page list of Latest Java projects with source code and report. In this page so many small application like a mini projects for beginner. Also large application like a major project for advance level Java. Here student gets Java project with report, documentation, synopsis. We hope this projects would be useful for quick glance before going for any projects submission. These project list for final year BE, BCA, MCA, B.Sc, Ms.Bsc, Computer Science students. Huge collection of readyment open source project developement using Java platform. Java website, game, desktop, mobile application with source code. We starting share n earn project uploading contest for you. Java Tutorials for learning and development full projects. Free to download project source code developed in Java.


This category consists of Java projects list which can be downloaded by final year engineering students. Here lot of free latest Java projects list for students they can submission in college. Mini like small application are use for learning a basic level of Java programming skills. Big application to development many module learing advance level of Java development. These list of application with source code aims to develop the user’s programming skills with the dynamic and attractive application. We are providing all the kind of basic to advance level projects for practice.

Get the widest variety of a unique and innovative Top Downloaded Java projects at kashipara. All these free software come with the source code in a zip archive for importing into Integrated Development Environment (IDE). We provide best projects on Java for Engineering Students. There are lot of latest Innovative idea for your new project. In this page many simple Java projects for beginners with source code at free of cost download. Many students are interested in building these applications for their academic.

10 amazing Java projects with source code solved and explained for free to download.

About Java

Java is a most powerful programming language and very useful. In this language run on every platform need jvm. You can development any kind of application like web application, desktop application. Java is object oriented language and most secure language from all programming language. Java is connect every database like Oracle Database, mySql, SQL. Console application development in core Java. Gui application development in java swing. Ecllipse is the most popular IDE used to development the java project. Various IDE like netbeans, Ecllipse available for java project. The latest version of Java is Java 21 or JDK 21 released on September, 19th 2023. Compilers used to compile the java projects are: OpenJDK (javac, sjavac), GNU Compiler for Java (GCJ), Eclipse Compiler for Java (ECJ).

List of Latest Java Projects with Documents

Biardy project in Java


This application use a Machine learning kit to detect a bird name, You have to upload a image in application from a galley or from camera with the help of machine learning it detect the name. You can also use them for college project....

  mayankw2   2024-02-18

Employee Management System project in Java



  rockstararun   2024-01-09

Imprass People project in Java


A dashboard website for a Life Insurance Company. Built using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS Login, logout, session, multilevel access, image uploads are implemented here. Features Agents can create clients Agents can only edit and delete info of the client....

  soouurrtytesek   2024-01-01

Password Generator project in Java


To generate passwords according to our need and it can be strong and extra strong made with the help of web development....

  ayushi_bais   2023-12-01

Cereals Shop Management System project in Java


This project will be able to keep records of stocks in cereals selling shop. The user will be able to add his/her new bought stock to the current and then sell and keep a record of the buyers in the database. It is very easy to use and efficient if t...

  johnny254   2023-10-24

To-do List Website project in Java


to-do list app for list your work and plannings. Task Creation: Users can create new tasks with titles and descriptions. Task Priority: Users can assign priorities (high, medium, low) to tasks to indicate their importance. Due Dates and Deadli...

  yogesh7096   2023-10-22

Online Resume Building Using Java project in Java


This project makes use of Apache POI API to edit the doc file. i.e-Resume templates. I have currently made two resume templates which are available in the zip file of the project. The application takes inputs from the user and makes use of the API t...

  vamshi2000   2023-10-13

3d And 2d Human Face Recognition System project in Java


Face Recognition java project. Criminal Face Detection System. this project find criminal face from database. give a full information....

  sandy   2023-08-23

Hotel Management System project in Java


These systems facilitate efficient management of various hotel functions, including reservations, guest information, room inventory, billing, reporting, and more. Login details Do your registration & login the system....

  102030405060   2023-08-02

Airline Reservation System Using Java ,netbeans And Mysql project in Java


The goal of this project on Airline Management System is to automate the airline registration procedure. The system includes information such as passenger information, flight information, and a list of all passengers, as well as the ability to store ...

  vamshi2000   2023-06-05

Superstore Management System Using Java 1.8.0 project in Java



  psyconerd_k22   2023-05-28

Store Inventory Management System project in Java


An inventory management system is a computer-based system used to manage the ordering, inventory levels, pricing, and accounting of merchandise sold in a store. It tracks and records all sales, customer orders, and inventory movement in a store, prov...

  102030405060   2023-05-21

Employee Payroll Management System project in Java


A payroll management system (PMS) is a computer software program used to track and manage employee payroll processing activities. It provides an automated system for automatically calculating employee wages, deductions, and taxes, as well as issuing ...

  102030405060   2023-05-20

Medical Store Management System project in Java


Medical store management system is a computerized system used to store, manage, and track the inventory and sales of medical supplies in a medical store. Login details Admin Login User Name - admin Password - admin@123...

  102030405060   2023-05-16

Student Management System project in Java


Student Management System is a software application designed to help educational institutions manage student information. Login details Admin Login User Name - admin Password - admin Users Login User Name - kishor Password - kishor@123...

  102030405060   2023-05-16

Payroll Management System project in Java


1. Employee Management: 2. Attendance Management: 3. Salary Management: 4. Pay Slip Management: 5. User Management: 6. Report Generation: 7. Login and Security:...

  shonu77   2023-05-15

Pets Care Shop System project in Java


A pet care shop system is a computerized system that helps pet owners and pet care professionals manage the care of their animals. The system can be used to track pet health data, schedule pet appointments, create and manage customer records, and gen...

  102030405060   2023-05-14

Venue Booking System project in Java


The Venue Booking System is a software application that enables businesses and individuals to book venues for events. The system allows users to search for available venues and make bookings for their chosen venues. It also allows users to view venue...

  102030405060   2023-04-18

Bakery Billing System project in Java


Bakery inventory billing system is a software which is used to manage and track the inventory of bakery items. It stores information about the products available and their prices, stock levels, and sales. It also helps to keep track of customer order...

  102030405060   2023-04-18

Wave Cafe Shop project in Java


A Online Wave Café' is MVC based projects. Objective of Cyber Cafe Management System. The objective and scope of my Project Cyber Cafe Management System, The aim of the coffee management is to create communication between rural area people and co...

  kjayesh123   2023-04-11

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