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Jayesh Kavthiya

Jayesh Kavthiya

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15 Project's Source Code Share By Jayesh Kavthiya

college management system project in ASP .NET


college management system development on asp .net source code management system in asp this web application two type of user one main admin and second student.admin add gallery image.event post in college.student can send que...

  jayesh   2013-07-29

online social networking website project in PHP


online social networking project in php source code free download.this social networking project using photo.comment on photo.also chatting with user.many feature.this project development in php.add friend request.send private massege.downlo...

  jayesh   2013-07-09

draw map route between two or more locations with core data project in Swift


draw map route between two or more locations with core data source code in objective c.this app take your current location and enter in core data every 3 second.after press continue it show rough on all point added every 3 second....Download iphone p...

  jayesh   2013-05-22

table view demo example project in iphone project in Swift


table view demo example project in iphone with source code.This is simple objective c demo table view for iphone more iphone projects source code....

  jayesh   2013-05-22

fireball demo source code iphone project in Swift


fireball demo source code iphone project.this demo project in iphone project code in xcode demo project.this is development in objective iphone project code....

  jayesh   2013-05-19

custome dropdown list iphone example code project in Swift


custome dropdown list iphone example code in Xcode.This is simple example code for custom dropdown list in iphone. this is demo in core programming.Download project objective c iphone ipad projects....

  jayesh   2013-05-09

iPhone snow fall example source code project in Swift


iPhone snow fall example source code Download.This is code for snow fall animation code in objective's help to improve your skill in objective c programming.this nice application for fresher.Download iphone project source code...

  jayesh   2013-05-04

iphone demo what is my ip address source code project in Swift


what is my ip address iPhone source codeThis is simple demo in objective c code for iphone ios.This is project is on what is my ip address.find your ip address.Download free iphone projects source code here.....

  jayesh   2013-04-30

iPhone Color picker code example project in Swift


iPhone Color picker code exampleiphone color picker source code download.Here this simple example of color picker.This code development in xcode.Download iphone Android projects for student....

  jayesh   2013-04-24

android grid view source code demo project in Android


free download android grid view example source code.This is simple grid view example in android demo.Android source code.If any error or not configure in your ide then you can ask question in our forums.learn android simple project...

  jayesh   2013-03-24

Institute Management system project in C# .NET


free download Institute Management system project source code.this very useful project for final year submission in can project source code development your way....

  jayesh   2012-07-20

mobile apps,music,wallpaper store website project in ASP .NET


free download asp .net source code on mobile apps,music,wallpaper store website asp .net codeMobile Download Zone project in Asp .net C# source code.IN this project three type of user Admin,user and Visitor.Admin Panel-Admin add new mobile detai...

  jayesh   2011-11-24

online computer and computer accessories shopping system project in C# .NET


free download online computer shopping c# .net project with source codeonline computer shop application in .user site watch a product list in available in shop and prices description product and configuration a product.user can give a order p...

  jayesh   2011-11-13

medical store management system project in C# .NET


free download medical shop store c# .net project source code downloadThis medical store this application manages details about medicine.Stock manages medicine.Shopkeeper and new medicine in store.How many item remaining in store e...

  jayesh   2011-11-13

online exam project in PHP


Download Project Online exam project in php source code with database.Online Exam project.In this project two type of user. Admin and Students.Admin panel.Admin should be add new exam subjects. also put exam question and answer assign in subject vise...

  jayesh   2011-11-12