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Frequently Asked Questions

kashipara.com is an educational content website dedicated to finding and realizing Final Year Projects Source code and ideas For Students. This is online source code sharing portal. This project source code helpful for Computer Engineering,MCA,BCA,MscIT,IT,CS,BscIT,BE,BTech,ME,MTech students.

We got a lot of queries through comments, So We decided to include this in our FAQ section.

1. How to register with kashipara.com?
It's very simple to get connected with us just in 2 minutes. You can register yourself with Signup link and fill some useful information in the text box, after submitting this you will get your password by email in your provided email ID.

Go for login & Register

2. How can I upload projects on kashipara.com?
You can only upload project after successful registration. You can find upload project tab by following these steps - GOTO My Project under Setting Icon, here you will see a button Upload my project. By clicking on this you can easily add your project.

Go for upload project

3. How can I contact the author of the source code?
Yes, but you have to be a registered member of this website in order to contact the author of the source code uploaded in kashipara.com. You can send message from project details pages click on message icon button ( ).

4. Where can I download the Projects?
You can find the download link at the end of the Project Information tab.

5. Will I Get Payment of Projects?
You will be get payment of your projects just by following some protocol.

6. How will I able get payment of my projects?
For this, you have to follow some policy. Please visit & read project reward policy

7. Which kind of document needed for getting a reward?
Yes, you have to upload some important document, i.e. Screenshots of project, a database file of the project, project Code or project report if available.

8. How I will get the payment?
Good question, for getting payment you have to add your paytm registered mobile number by following these ways-
  1. Go to-> profile
  2. Click on-> Payment Details
  3. Enter Your Paytm number inside textbox and then save it. You can update it also.

9. Where I can view my list of Projects?
You can view your projects list by visiting My Project under Setting Icon ( ).