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20+ of the Most Interesting Projects Source Code in VB [2024]

many visual basic project source code with latest and new project on vb with database. this project is useful for student to learn project development.and also share his knowledge with other student. is useful for student.

Visual Basic (VB) Introduction

1. Install Visual Studio

Visual Studio is the primary Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Visual Basic development. Download Visual Studio from the official website.

2. Open Visual Studio

Launch Visual Studio after installation.

3. Create or Open a Project

Create a new VB project or open an existing one.

4. Write Your VB Code

Write the VB code that makes up your project, including procedures, forms, controls, and components.

5. Build the Project

Build your project by selecting "Build" or using the keyboard shortcut (usually Ctrl + Shift + B). This compiles your code into an executable assembly.

6. Debugging and Testing

Use Visual Studio's debugging tools to identify and fix issues in your code. Set breakpoints, inspect variables, and step through your code.

7. Run the Project

Click the "Start" button (usually a green arrow icon) to run your project. The executable or GUI application will launch.

8. Select Target Device or Platform

Choose a target platform (e.g., Windows) or device (desktop, mobile) if needed before running.

9. Console Applications

If working with a console app, the output will appear in the console window.

10. GUI Applications

If the project has a GUI, like a Windows Forms app, the application's GUI will appear when you run it.

11. Web Applications

VB.NET is mainly for Windows desktop apps. For web development, consider ASP.NET with C#.

12. Unit Testing

Write unit tests to ensure your code functions correctly. Visual Studio offers tools for creating and running tests.

13. Configuration and Settings

Configure settings such as application properties, debugging options, and connection strings as needed.

14. IDE Features

Visual Studio provides features like IntelliSense, code navigation, and version control integration for enhanced development.

Remember that steps can vary based on the project type and tools used.

Top Trending

Newest vb visual basic projects source code

Cereals Shop Management System project in VB


This project will be able to keep records of stocks in cereals selling shop. The user will be able to add his/her new bought stock to the current and then sell and keep a record of the buyers in the database. It is very easy to use and efficient if t...

  johnny254   2023-10-24

Logic Gates project in VB


LOGIC Gates AND OR NOT XOR XNOR NAND NOR etc Working of the gates and creation of the logical circuits. Truth Table, Expressions etc....

  steverm   2022-10-16

Text To Speech project in VB


Convert text into Speech Text to speech project is a desktop application which is developed in VB platform Text to speech is a open source you can Download zip and edit as per you need...

  renzo15   2021-11-20

Bank Management project in VB


User can add an delete employees user can update the system user can withdraw money from the bank account user can change bank deatails ie managers ,etc...

  santos29   2021-07-11

Electricity Bill Management System In VB6 project in VB


Ability to perform certain actions regarding electric bill generation, bill management, customer bill management, etc....

  monstertourna   2021-04-13

Online Food Ordering System project in VB


Online Food Ordering system This system works online verification. In which you can order fruits online and buy fruits. ...

  kjayesh123   2020-11-21

Asset Management System project in VB


Asset management system based on invertory system compare then include Point of sale(POS) database connection also backend office MS-Access database enginer 2016 x64 Demo project we want to need full source code contact me no : 8940519412 used s...

  hemakumar72   2020-08-25

Base64 Code To Convert Image project in VB


image convert to digital binary code and digital binary code to image make simple application using visual studio 2013 full report and full source code become were use then contact mail : watch trial vidoe : http...

  hemakumar72   2020-06-27

CoronaVirus Tracking App project in VB


web scraping technique of development make simple corona virus tracking in use to scraping detail free api .com to development the more implement function HtmlAgility pack ...

  hemakumar72   2020-04-10

Fanancial Management System project in VB


The project entitled “Financial Management System which keep the day by day tally record as a complete banking or financial system. It can keep the information of Saver, Loaner, and Share Holder and also managed it. The exciting part of th...

  khanmahmood   2020-03-07

Image Staganography(Encryption-Decryption) project in VB


image staganography is hidden details in image format such as zip file,rar file there stoage value in single image under the embedded details to image after extract values in program function set opertion decode any doubt program watch videos : ...

  hemakumar72   2020-02-06

Stationary Information System project in VB


Easy user and Admin System Managament View Profit and loss Calculation , and best Feastures of Auto Updata System , And easy identity to the Icon system to View full Detail software visit site : to the T...

  hemakumar72   2019-11-03

Camera Recognition Windows project in VB


camera start recognition project detection windows camera list out and detection windows operator. -Specific faces can be registered in advance to send an alarm when they are detected. The faces of repeat shoplifters and wanted criminals,etc. can be...

  hemakumar72   2019-11-02

Nokia Flashing Tools project in VB

5 make simple flashing tool using flash phone to nokia XL and x in fastboot mode any double full source code and driver install adb 1.4.3 drivers visisted video :

  hemakumar72   2019-09-29

Android Apk Install project in VB


install apk and backup,restore and push file system to android phone Android Debug Bridge (adb) is a versatile command-line tool that lets you communicate with a ..... This command is only used when you build the Android platform source. ... -d : Al...

  hemakumar72   2019-09-15

ADB Toolkit project in VB


Android toolkit developing flashing customers Rom and unlock android 4.0 to more usefully tools bootloader options lock and unlock oem- system in developments GUI...

  hemakumar72   2019-09-14

Face Recognition project in VB


face recognition software using OpenCv library and development face identity pattern with detection object with full detail software description watch video : and website github :

  hemakumar72   2019-07-16

Virtual Assisstant Chatbot project in VB


Virtual assisstant chatbot, view full detail visited website : project full source :

  hemakumar72   2019-05-29

Gas Agency System project in VB


In this Gas Agency System user can register their new connection by filling the form like gas connection no, full name, gender, date of birth, connection type, address, state, username and password. registered user can request the gas connection cons...

  neeta_kadam   2019-04-29

Furniture Store Management System project in VB


In this Furniture store management system we can add furniture product details like name, type of furniture and price. also maintain customer details in this system. We can add purchased and Sale furniture data and also maintain that data like an sea...

  neeta_kadam   2019-04-26

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