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Jayesh Ahir

Jayesh Ahir

  Smt. K. B. Parekh College
  Maharaja KrishnakumarSinhji Bhavnagar University
  TS Solutions, mahuva
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About me

Hello Friends My name is jayesh Ahir and I have completed my stusies in bca. I also run a YouTube channel called Techno Silentstudy. You can also contact my YouTube channel for more information. I am currently working on asp.net, I am also working on Android app For more information you can go to my channel and get information.

20 Project's Source Code Share By Jayesh Ahir

Video Player Using C# project in C# .NET


The main purpose of Media Player is to produce an video (MP4) player. The goals of Media Player are: • Provide a platform to play Video (MP4) file. • Provide a platform to play video (MPG) file. • Support playlist (Mv4) file. • Pr...

  kjayesh123   2021-10-24

JK Cookhouse Mobile Application project in C# .NET


The main purpose of this application is online table booking. Also provides cohoking information such as: Cook Dishes photos, chif information, compuni blog, food details and prices etc.......

  kjayesh123   2021-10-19

RE-Upload Real Star Hotel Booking & Real Estate Management System project in C# .NET


The aim of this research work is to develop a real estate management system to make estate information accessible to both government and individuals who may like to acquire building or landed property -->handle details for rent and sale of property f...

  kjayesh123   2021-10-17

Online Flower Booking System project in C# .NET


The purpose of this project is to produce online-based system which allow customer to register or buy any flowers that they want. Other than that, it is also helps the company to effectively manage their online business management. Then, the business...

  kjayesh123   2021-10-15

Real Start Hotel Booking And Real-estate Management System project in C# .NET


The aim of this research work is to develop a real estate management system to make estate information accessible to both government and individuals who may like to acquire building or landed property -->handle details for rent and sale of property ...

  kjayesh123   2021-10-10

Real State System Mini Html Project project in HTML CSS


The foremost objective of this project was to give a different visualization styles to the Real Estate Website which has more features, attractive animations and all together a new look in contrast to the already existing websites. Usually in a rea...

  kjayesh123   2021-10-07

OOPs Concept : Abstraction And Inheritance program in C# .NET


Explain Details of OOPS Concepts : Abstraction Inheritance Abstraction : Only show functionality but background details hiding is known as Abstraction. Inheritance : Acquiring the properties an one class to another class as known as Inheritan...

  kjayesh123   2021-10-05

Online Tourism Management System With Booking project in C# .NET


Objectives The Tourism Management System is a web based application and maintains a centralized repository of all related information. Online E-Booking facilities. The Objective of this project is to develop a system that automates the process and a...

  kjayesh123   2021-10-02

Online GYM Monitoring System-Fitness project in C# .NET


Objectives of the project This Gym Management System shall enable the user to add members to a gym and manage the fee payment of the gym user. It is a very simple interface developed using .NET. The user of the system shall be able to add a new gym m...

  kjayesh123   2021-09-28

Online College Management System project in ASP .NET


The main objective of developing the current project entitled “COLLEGE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ” is to build effective system which is fast, accurate, consistency, reliable and flexible enough so that it can incorporate any future enhancements. Manage...

  kjayesh123   2021-09-28

ASP.NET Core With MVC First Mini Project : RK Enterprise project in ASP .NET


It is a web application using asp core with MVC pattern. Using Razor View page Using Controller Using Error Models ...

  kjayesh123   2021-09-22

Online Wadding Photo Studio Mini Projects project in C# .NET


A main purpose of this system : user can see many types photo Gallery | Online Photo Albums Booking | user can send a Review System | ...

  kjayesh123   2021-09-11

Human Resource Management System project in C# .NET


The primary objective of resource management is to ensure seamless experience for the staff and other people associated to management and Organization goals. Objectives of HRM include ensuring availability of resources, easy access to data, on-time p...

  kjayesh123   2021-09-04

Online Hospital Management System project in C# .NET


Main objectives of a Hospital Management System are: Design a system for better patient care. Reduce hospital operating costs. Provide MIS (Management Information System) report on demand to management for better decision making. Better co-ordina...

  kjayesh123   2021-08-10

Online Hotel Booking System project in C# .NET


The project “Online Hotel Booking System” is a system based on accessing the internet to book for rooms in a hotel. The purpose of this system is to develop and implement an online hotel reservation system for hotels, that will replace the manual...

  kjayesh123   2021-07-31

School Management System project in ASP .NET


Student Information. Parent Access. Teacher Information. Communication Facilities (Voice Messaging, E-mail, Chats, etc). Attendance & Timetable Management. Report Cards....

  kjayesh123   2021-07-28

Online Billing System project in ASP .NET


It manages all the information about Bills, Cash, Delivery, Bills. The purpose of the project is to build an application program to reduce the manual work for managing the Bills, Payment, Cash, Customer. It tracks all the details about the Customer, ...

  kjayesh123   2021-07-26

Online Employee Management System project in ASP .NET


The main objective of the project of online Employee Management System is to manage the details of information, leaves, salaries, login and employee. ...

  kjayesh123   2021-07-25

Online Tours And Travels Booking Management System project in ASP .NET


Online Tours booking management system will be a website whose main language of programming will be ASP.NET. Its main aim is to simplify and improve the efficiency of the ordering process for both customer and shop, minimize manual data entry and ens...

  kjayesh123   2021-07-22

JKINFO Download Project Portal (c#.net Web Applications) project in C# .NET


Project Definition Now a day’s many developers do not find their work in the company even though they have good knowledge and small users who want to download projects for their firm cannot effort to hire IT || So the JK INFO ONLINE PROJECT PORTAL...

  kjayesh123   2021-07-09