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20+ of the Most Interesting Projects Source Code in PHP [2023]

In this category contains many Projects which development in PHP all this Source Code Free Download. Simple basic level small PHP project for beginners. These code with mySql database. Advance level big(major) project for web developer. We provide a simple and basic level PHP Project for beginners. So many ideas for various project with source code it can be useful for students. All these Projects are available at free of cost download in zip file. Simple web application development using various technology like PHP, HTML, CSS, JS and MySql Database. Free PHP Projects for student. PHP Mini projects for practices.

PHP Requirements

In order to run PHP Classifieds successfully, your server must meet the following requirements given in the list below. Please see the manual to see how you can determine if your server meets the list.

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List of PHP Projects

Online Flight Booking project in PHP


Available Features: • Client-Side Interaction • Admin Panel • Passenger Registration • Booking Airline Tickets • Simple Payment System • Search for Flights • View E-Ticket • Cancel Tickets • Print Tickets • Check Flight ...

  abhishek1491   2023-09-23

Internet Banking project in PHP


A dashboard website for a Life Insurance Company. Built using PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS Login, logout, session, multilevel access, image uploads are implemented here. Features Agents can create clients Agents can only edit and delete info of the client....

  abhishek1491   2023-09-22

Online Car Rental System project in PHP


An online car rental system is a digital platform that allows users to rent vehicles through the internet. It offers a convenient and efficient way for customers to browse, select, and book vehicles for short-term use, usually ranging from a few hour...

  102030405060   2023-08-22

Quiz Web Application Php & Mysql Source Code project in PHP


Admin Panel: Access Dashboard/Home with Home & Admin Panel. Login with 'admin' password in admin panel Admin manages quiz: Add/view questions, Access player info & scores. Change admin password: Go to

  aj885829   2023-08-16

Helping_hand(ngo) project in PHP


In this project a user who donate money , food, clothes, etc.. donate on this plateform and they send a donation request and an admin can verify all the thing and that location perticuller volunteer can collect that donation from user side and donate...

  sh_0079   2023-07-16

Appoinment Booking System With Hospital project in PHP


a user can book appoinment with doctor at hospital time in this project we have three module doctor,user and admin........

  sh_0079   2023-06-11

Rail Pass Management System project in PHP


The Railway Pass Management system(developed using PHP and MySQL) is a web-based technology that will manage the records of the pass which is issued by administration and also help to provide online railway passes to people who need to travel daily. ...

  nayana_1607   2023-05-11

Pre-school Enrollment System project in PHP


Home page: It is a welcome page for users. Its contain brief information about the preschool. About: It is an about us page of the website/Pre-School. Classes: This Section contains information about the classes. Contact us: This section con...

  nayana_1607   2023-05-11

Bp Monitoring Management System project in PHP


User Registration: In this section, the user can register himself. A one-time registration is required for every user. User login: In this section, users can log in with a valid email id and password. Dashboard: In this section, the User can view t...

  nayana_1607   2023-05-11

Simple Forum Website project in PHP


The Simple Forum Website is only accessible to certain organizations and requires the users to register their accounts which is subject to approval upon successful registration. The site consists of 2 different user roles which are the Administrator ...

  nayana_1607   2023-05-11

Clinic Queuing System project in PHP


The Clinic Queuing System is a simple web application that was built for a certain clinic. It is an automated platform that manages the daily queuing flow of clinic patients. Here, patients can simply fill in the required fields on the form page to l...

  nayana_1607   2023-05-11

Resort Reservation System project in PHP


This Resort Reservation System was mainly developed and can only be accessed by the resort management. Here, resort management can dynamically list all the rooms/cottages and extra fees that are available at their resort. They can simply encode or st...

  nayana_1607   2023-05-10

Task Reminder System project in PHP


The Task Reminder System has 2 modules which are the user site and the monitoring site. The User Site is part of the application that can be accessed only by the registered users of the system. This site has 2 different user roles which are the Ad...

  nayana_1607   2023-05-10

Service Provider Management System project in PHP


This Service Provider Management System is a sort of Content Management System (CMS) that is built specifically for companies that provide different services. The project is a company website that allows the management to dynamically manage the site ...

  nayana_1607   2023-05-10

Ac Repair And Services System project in PHP


This AC Repair and Services System is built with 2 modules which are the Public and the Management sites. This project is a sort of Booking Management System. On the Management side, this side is only accessible to the company management. It requi...

  nayana_1607   2023-05-10

Lost And Found Information System project in PHP


This Lost and Found Information System is a simple web application project that is composed of 2 modules which are the Public and Managemen sites. The Management Site is accessible to the organization or the system management only. This site requi...

  nayana_1607   2023-05-10

Online Vehicle Service Management System project in PHP


An Online Vehicle Service Management system is needed to address the challenges faced by vehicle owners and service providers in managing the maintenance and repair needs of vehicles. The current system of manual booking and tracking of vehicle s...

  sudalai001   2023-04-20

Online Examination System For Mcq project in PHP


The main objective of the project entitled “ONLINE EXAMINATION SYSTEM” is to create an online website that allows students to take test on the available MCQ Exams. Using this website, the students can improve their knowledge in MCQ in all sub...

  eswar_11   2023-04-18

Convert Unix Timestamp To Date & Time project in PHP


Welcome, Build an Application to Convert Unix Timestamp to Date & Time using PHP. Here, you can convert an unix timdestamp to readable Date & Time Format. Thank You!...

  crazzyrapsum   2023-04-16

Online Pizza Ordering System project in PHP


I developed this Online Pizza Ordering System project source code mainly for educational purposes only and for commercial use. The purpose of this project is to provide an open-source ordering system for students to start with or refer to for creatin...

  nayana_1607   2023-04-08

Running a PHP Project

Running a PHP project involves setting up a web server, configuring the necessary environment, and organizing your project files. Here's a basic guide on how to run a PHP project:

1. Install a Local Web Server:

To run a PHP project locally, you'll need a web server and PHP interpreter. Some popular options are:

2. Create a Project Directory:

Create a folder for your PHP project. This folder will contain all your project files.

3. Place Project Files:

Put your PHP files, HTML templates, CSS, JavaScript, and other assets in the project directory. Organize them as needed for your project's structure.

4. Configure Web Server:

Open the configuration file of your web server (e.g., httpd.conf for Apache). Set the document root to point to your project directory. Make sure PHP is enabled and configured properly in the configuration file.

5. Start the Web Server:

Start your local web server from the XAMPP, WAMP, or MAMP control panel. The server should now be accessible at http://localhost or in your web browser.

6. Access Your Project:

Open your browser and navigate to http://localhost/your-project-folder. You should see your project's main page or index file.

7. Database Configuration (if needed):

If your project requires a database, use the tools provided by the local server package (e.g., phpMyAdmin) to create and manage databases.

8. Debugging and Testing:

If your project has issues, check the error logs of the web server for any PHP-related errors. Use browser developer tools to inspect and debug HTML, CSS, and JavaScript issues.

9. URL Structure:

URLs in your project will follow the structure http://localhost/your-project-folder/page.php.

10. Keep Everything Updated:

Regularly update your local server environment and PHP version to ensure compatibility and security.

Remember that running a PHP project locally for development purposes might differ slightly from deploying it to a production environment. For production deployment, you'll need to consider additional factors like security, server configuration, and domain name setup.

If your project involves using frameworks or content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, the setup process might be a bit different. Always refer to the official documentation of the tools you're using for specific instructions.

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