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Download php project source code with database

PHP Requirements

In order to run PHP Classifieds successfully, your server must meet the following requirements given in the list below. Please see the manual to see how you can determine if your server meets the list.

  • Linux (Apache), Windows (Apache/IIS)
  • Xampp,Lampp,Wamp using for project running
  • MySQL 4.1 or later (v5 prefered)
  • PHP 5.3 or later (v7 prefered)
  • Use pdo class for database connection
  • Ioncube support on webserver (will try to load automatically)
  • The following PHP settings
    - Register globals turned OFF
    - Safe_Mode OFF
    - Magic_Quotes ON

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Daily Routine Record System Using Bootstrap Project In Php


This is a kind of online diary.In this Users can register and create daily/weekly/yearly events,also can create contacts,upload media and sent messages to their friends.... view more

Php project   poonamb 2017-06-24

Helping Hands NGO Project In Php


This web application is created in the php programming language. Designing part are html5, css, javascript, dhtml and jQuery. Backend part of mysql database connection. A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a not-for-profit organization that is... view more

Php project   hardikparekh 2017-06-21

Image Upload Project In Php


In this image upload project we can insert images of any size and store this images in separate folder photos. and insert this original image name and temporary name into database.... view more

Php project   neeta_kadam 2017-06-20

Primary School Registration And Fee System Admin Panel Using Bootstrap Project In Php


This is a project designed to register students in primary school . It has 2 users which are an admin and a user.All payments are generated automatically for use.... view more

Php project   poonamb 2017-06-20

Simple Record System Project In Php


This PROJECT will allow you to record the transaction that comes in and out of any Record Office. The features of this project are login form, transaction form. ... view more

Php project   poonamb 2017-06-16

Blog Post (CMS) Project In Php


This project deals with a content management system. User can post as a admin,edit and delete posts. All the posts can be seen on index page User can search for the posts from search bar based on tags. ... view more

Php project   abhiadhana 2017-06-16

Build Phone Contact Book Project In Php


By this simple project, a user can build his/her own phone book. You can add, edit, delete and search for phone contacts.... view more

Php project   poonamb 2017-06-14

Online Examination Quiz With ADMIN Panel (updated Free Admin Panel) Project In Php


this project is online examination like multiple choice queitions... features: ADMIN panel --login --signup --quiz --result --review test (original answer) --logout and many more see the screen shots ... view more

Php project   mayur2396 2017-06-13



Call/Whatsapp: +234 08173671927, 08148592447 PLEASE REGISTER IN ALL THE PLATFORM TO VIEW USER INTERFACE ..... http://payarena.nathscripts.com/admin admin admin2admin ..... NAIJAHELPERS (NAIRA & BITCOIN) http://naijahelpers.mustardseedsuper.c... view more

Php project   enofeson 2017-06-10

Login And Registration With Database Demo In Php


This is PHP based project in this project we provide authentication things to user. 1) Login and 2) Registration. This is very useful when we need authentication in our project. We also connect the Database with this application which store the reg... view more

Php project   ravi_rathod 2017-06-10

Age Calculate Program In Php


This is a simple project will make you learn on how to calculate user's age based from their specific date of birth. This simple project can be very useful. ... view more

Php project   poonamb 2017-06-10

Upload Multipletypes Of File Demo In Php


Its a simple program which allow to upload multiple File Types(pdf, docx, xlsx, jpg, jpeg, png, gif). This project is intended for beginners. It is very easy to learn.... view more

Php project   poonamb 2017-06-10

Compound Interest Calculator Project In Php


This is a software that calculate compound interest by year, month and day. This is very beneficial for those business man who gave their money on interest. Its a admin side, and the admin can add the person and respective money detail. ... view more

Php project   poonamb 2017-06-08

Upload And Download Zip File Project In Php


This project will show you how to create and download in zip file in multiple files in PHP. You can choose files that you want to download in zip format.... view more

Php project   poonamb 2017-06-05

Hostel Management System Project In Php


For the past few years the number of educational institutions are increasing rapidly. Thereby the number of hostels are also increasing for the accommodation of the students studying in this institution. And hence there is a lot of strain on the per... view more

Php project   khitk9738 2017-06-03

Online Shopping Portal Bootstrap Project In Php


Online shopping is a form of electronic shopping store where the buyer is directly online to the seller’s computer usually via the internet. There is no intermediary service. The sale and purchase transaction is completed electronically and inter... view more

Php project   khitk9738 2017-06-03

Art Gallery Bootstrap With Admin Panel Project In Php


This is PHP based project on Art Gallery with Admin Panel means user can change website dynamically using admin panel with username and password. In this project having session system for maintain the current user session, cart system, popup login re... view more

Php project   ravi_rathod 2017-06-01

Responsive Image Gallery Application Project In Php


This project is based on the uploading image and create your image gallery. This will be a responsive gallery. Enjoy it by creating your image gallery.... view more

Php project   poonamb 2017-06-01

Add, Delete And Update CRUD By PDO OOP Project In Php


This is small program that will clear your concept to add, update and delete by PDO in PHP, in this user can add the data of a student.... view more

Php project   poonamb 2017-05-30

Html To Pdf Converter Project In Php


This is a simple program that will help you to clear the concept of converting html document in to PDF. Lets try it.... view more

Php project   poonamb 2017-05-29