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Project Reward Policy Rule

Welcome to, We are here introducing the project reward details. First of all We are very pleased to all the members of kashipara group who share their projects with us or our needy learners. We got an idea to great respect all students who share their precious projects with us by giving them rewards. So, there is some policy for getting reward while sharing project.

From 2011 I am running with currently 400000+ members and 100000 downloads per month and growing. The website has now more than 2000 projects, programs, template, themes and demos and the number is increasing day by day. With this initiative I want that no student suffer to get projects and its knowledge in their career.

Basic requirements

If all the above condition will satisfy then the reward will give you on your paytm registered mobile number.

Paytm number update steps

You can add your paytm registered mobile number by following these steps.

  1. Go to-> profile
  2. Click on-> Bank Details
  3. Enter Your Paytm number or UPI ID inside text box and then save it. You can update it also.

Project reward policy

The reward will decide by Admin as per the functionality of the project.

There is some bonus will give you depending on your views on the project. We are updating our project reward policy, now project uploader will get project reward on 2k, 4k, 6k, 8k, 10k views on his/her projects but project reward only given to active members of the site which means member should be regular visitor of site. We are updating some Term and condition for getting project reward.

Valid example of project sample is here

Create one folder for code and one folder for database.if project code and database not available then your project will delete from site.

If there will be changes in bonus policy, then policy will be updated by Admin. So keep sharing projects and earn. If you have a query regarding project reward policy, then you can contact us by visiting our contact us page.

we got some queries for not getting reward money in their Paytm account. For getting money, you have to upload kyc in your Paytm account. This is very simple process that you should do. You have to just upload and link your Paytm account with your addhar card. After link your account with aadhar you will able to get payment.