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Kishan Sakariya

Kishan Sakariya

  R.K. University
  R.K. University
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php js css
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i am php developer at ominfowave rajkot it company

20 Project's Source Code Share By Kishan Sakariya

course management system project in PHP


course management system in php. In this project user can register his details. Admin manage add,delete and update details....

  kishan   2016-07-16

String To QR Code program in PHP


PHP QR Code enter information : Data:   ECC:   Size:   BENCHMARK till after_raw: 0.012001still after_filler: 0.020001still after_mask: 0.037002still after_encode: 0.000000sti...

  kishan   2016-07-07

Asset Management System project in PHP


Welcome to Asset Management System Hardware DetailsChoose a menu from the left navigation to get all property details, add prooerty, edit property or delete it. You the property list by property categories, view thumbnail of Property. Software Deta...

  kishan   2016-07-06

Jewellery Shop Stock Management System codeigniter project in PHP


Jewellery Shop Stock Management System Application development in  codeigniter with php and boostrap front end side.Jewellery Shop Stock Management System Application Features.Front end technology – HTML, CSS, CSS3,bootstrap Jquery and Jquery UIAj...

  kishan   2015-10-12

Online Backup File Storage System project in ASP .NET


Online Backup File Storage System is store data online get file any place and any time.This project is very good for all user.Because user can important file in server and fetch any place.Online Backup File Storage System Project Function Features.Us...

  kishan   2015-07-22

Stock Management System Core Java Swing project in Java


Free Download Stock Management System Core Java Swing Project Source Code With Report And Database.In This Project User can manage store stock and product inventory.This Simple and easy learning application for students. Documents With Activity Diag...

  kishan   2015-06-28

Simple Notepad Core JAVA Swing project in Java


Simple Notepad Application Development in Core Java ans swing Desktop Application.Here This Basic Function and feature of note pad application.Notepad application FeatureNew File.Save File.Cut,Copy,Paste Menu.Font Style.Font Format.Font Size....

  kishan   2015-06-27

Contact Phone Book project in Java


Contact Phone Book Desktop application development in core java.Phone Book Feature and Function.Add Contact.Delete Contact.Update Contact.Search Contact....

  kishan   2015-06-26

Find The Image Pair Puzzle Game project in Java


Find The Image Pair Puzzle Game Download Source Code Free.In This Game User can Play Game with finding image pair and and counts try how many chance you take....

  kishan   2015-06-23

Bank CMD Application project in Java


Bank CMD Application Project Source Code in Core Java.This Project contain basic Banking operation .It contain six different facility provided to the  end User.Also contain Login Facilities for securing data.LIST OF FORMS:1.    Login Entry2.  ...

  kishan   2015-06-19

Budget Analysis System project in ASP .NET


Budget Analysis System This Project Generate Reports Between Two Dates And Various Reports.This Project Development in Asp .net.Budget Analysis System Online Web Application Features.Reports Generate Between Two Date.Daily Report Generate.Monthly Rep...

  kishan   2015-06-19

Online Carrier Guidance and Placement Unit project in ASP .NET


     This project is aimed at developing a web-based and central recruitment Process system for the HR Group for a company. Some features of this system will be creating vacancies, storing application data, and Interview process initiation, Sched...

  kishan   2015-06-16

Real Estate System project in C# .NET


Real Estate System For Builder And Developers They Show Project Online.Here Download Real Estate System in this project.This project mainly feature is -Property Display.Property photographs.Admin Manage Property.Property prices....

  kishan   2015-06-12

Hotel And Resort Management System project in ASP .NET


Download Hotel and Resort Management System is Development in ASP .NET.Programming code is C# .NET.Hotel and Resort Management System main Feature.User Can Login and Register.User Book Hotel Rooms.Admin Manage User.Admin Manage Staff....

  kishan   2015-06-02

Online Quiz project in ASP .NET


Online Quiz Asp .net web application.This project arrage online exam and quiz competition.Online Quiz Application Features.Admin Manage questions.Admin Add Subject.User Can register and update his profile.User can give exam and see results....

  kishan   2015-05-28

Flight Management System project in VB


Flight  Management System Development in VB.This is Flight management Desktop application.Managing the ticket booking while traveling by air. It also helps to provide the information regarding the routes and timings of the flights. Finally it gi...

  kishan   2015-05-22

Online Real Estate Property Management System project in ASP .NET


Download ASP .NET Project on Online Real Estate Property Management System Source Code With Document.This project Real Estate Property dealing online.In This project user can put his requirement to builder.Builder give quotation flat or house.Online ...

  kishan   2015-05-21

Net Banking System project in ASP .NET


Net Banking System Development in ASP .NET with sql database.This project have many functions.Also User friendly ui.Net Banking System Development in c# .net frame work.This very good project for student who have to learn Asp .net programming.Net Ban...

  kishan   2015-05-16

online garment shopping store project in PHP


Free Download online garment shopping store website with mysql database and reports.This Garment store website has different category like men ware,kids ware,women ware.This Website manage carts.Admin side(back end side) Features.Manage Category.Mana...

  kishan   2015-05-15

Online Exam System project in Java


Download Online Exam System Web Application Development in java.This Online Exam System development java.It take a online test in also student reports generate.Online Exam features List Below.Answer List.Exam Rule.Result.Subject List.Examination.Many...

  kishan   2015-05-14