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Junu Kunjumon's best projects and programs

I am a student of mefgi

Junu Kunjumon's profile

Education : marwadi education foundation
Lives In : rajkot
University : gujarat technological university
Contact Number : 8460268450
My Specialities : java,html,php,dnt
Working in : no

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5 Project's Source Code Share By Junu Kunjumon

Tic-Tac Project In C/C++


IT'S a game that we all play during our school life. It's well documented to understand how each functions works.... view more

C/C++ project   junu_kunjumon 2017-05-18

Calculator Project In Java


This project covers a simple calculator made in java which has basic functions like addition, multiplication, division, subtraction. This has a good UI and can operate with ease ... view more

Java project   junu_kunjumon 2017-05-18

Password Strength Program In Java


password strength is a program which checks the strength of the given password. User inputs the password and program determines if it is acceptable or not . It will check the given string based on the modern password requirements... view more

Java project   junu_kunjumon 2017-05-11

Media Player Version 2 Project In Java


media player is a java based project which can play mp4 as well as mp3. It has a fastforward button slow button.It has following button:-1) PLAY 2) PAUSE 3) FASTFORWARD 4)STOP 5) SLOW 6) VOLUME SLIDER AND VIDEO SLIDER... view more

Java project   junu_kunjumon 2017-05-03

Media Player Project In Java


Media player is java based project which works as a media player where we can watch videos and listen to the music.It has user-friendly GUI which is easy to use.... view more

Java project   junu_kunjumon 2017-04-15

Project Ideas and Topics share by Junu Kunjumon

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