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Nagasaritha Prakash

Nagasaritha Prakash

  RV College of engineering
  Bangalore University





About me

I was earlier a software engineering, Now i am a freelancer working as Content writer. Also during free time i try learning Python programming language.

6 Project's Source Code Share By Nagasaritha Prakash

Library Management System project in Python


This is a library management system written in Python. It has a login screen where in user enters his / her credentials. After login , the library management screen is displayed where in user enters the membership info, and after that he can select t...

  nagasaritha   2019-09-16

Send Email From Your Gmail ID project in Python


This program sends an email from your mentioned gmail user id to the reciever's mail id. In this python program code replace the 'sender gmail user id' with your gmail user id. Replace the 'reciever user id' with the user id of the receiver. 'Passwor...

  nagasaritha   2019-08-21

Calender program in Python


In the Calender program , user has to enter 4 digit year and 2 digit month and the calender for the specified month and year gets displayed....

  nagasaritha   2017-07-12

Guessing of a number program in Python


In Guessing of a number, the system randomly generates a number b/w 1 to 100 and user needs to guess that number. If the number guessed by user is lesser than the system generated number then the message 'Guess higher' is displayed. If the number gue...

  nagasaritha   2017-07-12

Restaurant Management system project in Python


In Restaurant management project, user has to enter the no of food items required( Idly, Dosa, Kesari, Pulav, Karabath) and when user presses on Total, a random reference number gets generated and also the total cost including Tax and service charges...

  nagasaritha   2017-07-12

Search for files in the specified path program in Python


Search for files in the specified path this is simple program learn python.in this program search file in specific folder....

  nagasaritha   2017-07-07