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Nitish Kumar's best projects and programs

software publisher at google play, opera mobile and amazon. you can contact me via mail- Nitish.103076@gmail.com you can find my apps on- https://play.google.com/store/apps/dev?id=7439504003896475712

Nitish Kumar's profile

Education : Bc roy engineering college Durgapur
Lives In : Bangalore
University : West Bengal University
Contact Number :
My Specialities : java, android, swing, php, Sap.
Working in : Accenture Service Pvt Limited

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4 Project's Source Code Share By Nitish Kumar

Student Registration System Project In Java


Source code Student Registration System in school colleges , and engineering. Add student details, course details, payment,fees, course duration, fees and...........more..........Basic prototype.... view more

Java project   nitrosh 2017-07-23

How To Make Car Racing Game In Java Android Project In Java


in this project you will learn how to make and advance 2d car racing game. To understand the project You should have knowledge of swing frame work, collision detection, arraylist, and how to generate a object randomly. You will get the complete ide... view more

Java project   nitrosh 2017-05-03

How To Make Dictionary Demo In Java


Simple dictionary- One can add words manually. this is demo project for dictionary. It gives you idea that how a dictionary app in android java - works actually... view more

Java project   nitrosh 2017-05-03

Bus Reservation System Project In Java


admin can add bus route, Bust details, ticket, customer details, define bus route, Delete bus route, delete customer details. Customer can book the ticket via searching the route and according to available seats, print the ticket, book one day be... view more

Java project   nitrosh 2017-04-23

Project Ideas and Topics share by Nitish Kumar

Bus Reservation System In java


Customer can book the ticket. for this customer have to login and register. customer can Cancel the ticket by using ticket number. Customer can Book... view more

java projects topics   nitrosh 2017-04-23 02:04:35