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My Specialities : php,javascrip,vb.net,c#.net,c++
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5 Project's Source Code Share By Olaseyo Olumide

Patient Diagnostic System Project In Vb .net


The application ask question and tells the patient if he /she has malaria based on response. it a desktop application written in vb.net ... view more

Vb .net project   olaseyo 2017-02-17

Fingerprint Recognition Using C# Project In C# .net


This application recognises fingerprint using manutiae extraction and then find similarity between the two fingerprints. It measure the result accuracy in the scale of 1- 100. I hope it helps.... view more

C# .net project   olaseyo 2017-02-17

Library Automation Project In Vb .net


Library automation system was developed in order to automate the complete activities of the library in all sorts of categories, starting from the registration of books, borrowing of book etc. This program as a decision making mechanism that allows i... view more

Vb .net project   olaseyo 2016-09-14

Entrance Examination Application Bootstrap Project In Php


It an entrance examination application built with php and mysql. I also made use of bootstrap to make responsive and also ajax to make it interactive. Feel free to develop the system. Hope will you learn from this.... view more

Php project   olaseyo 2016-09-14

Attendace System Project In Vb .net


It mark attendance for staff of a [articular organisation once the enter there emp id which must have been register. The finger print part is not working and it is open for modification... view more

Vb .net project   olaseyo 2016-09-14

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