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Poonam Bansal

Poonam Bansal

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20 Project's Source Code Share By Poonam Bansal

Phone Shop Management System in codeigniter project in PHP


Phone Shop management system is an excellent solution for management of mobile Store business. Cost effective solution for mobile Shop software help to manage stock handling, simple billing, accounting ledger, supplier and customer details with this ...

  poonamb   2019-04-28

Advance and Awesome School Management System in Php/Bootstrap project in PHP


It is very informative and advance school system in php. It have separated admin panel for the advance functionality Admin can- add exam manage whole site add question can lock the system generate pins add security ...

  poonamb   2019-02-18

Awesome Gym Management System project in PHP


This online gym management system is user-friendly application. This automated system makes all functionality easier for owners. It is very simple in design and to implement. The system requirements are very low. System resources and the system will ...

  poonamb   2019-01-03

Chicken Farm Management System project in PHP


This is a very simple but informative system in php that manage the all activity of a chicken farm. In this admin can add, update the breed of the cock or chicken. Admin can add all the details about the chicken and get the notification. Add cock ...

  poonamb   2018-12-07

Advanced Online Job Portal System project in PHP


This online job search system aims to help job seekers what jobs are available to apply for. This system allows candidates to complete online job applications and upload their updated resume. Admin Side Manage Companies Manage Job Vacancies Mana...

  poonamb   2018-11-16

Garden Resort Booking & complete Payment System project in PHP


This is a booking and reservation system in php in which user can login or register, book resort and complete the payment by Paypal and Credit/Debit card. On the other hand, admin can manage the all site content, add resort, add accomdation, view...

  poonamb   2018-10-17

Crime Tracking System project in PHP


This is very simple but informative program or project made in php. In this admin can add user and crime statement. Credential- username-thomas password-12345 ...

  poonamb   2018-09-27

Employee Payroll System in laravel framework project in Laravel PHP


This is payroll system in laravel framework and very easy to use. It have 2 project with respective name Laravelcrud and vendor. please extract vendor folder and copy all the file and paste them in Laravelcrud's vendor folder. Copy .env.example f...

  poonamb   2018-09-16

Amazing Student Management System By Bootstrap project in PHP


An Amazing Student Management System By Bootstrap. This is built in php and have Advance feature to manage the class and marks of students. Admin Crediential- username-admin password-12345 ...

  poonamb   2018-09-11

An Advance Patient And Doctor Management System project in PHP


Its an extra advance project which manage the records the data of patient and doctor as well. admin url- http://localhost:8888/hCPMS/admin/ username-admin password-admin...

  poonamb   2018-09-04

Extra Ordinary and Awesome School Admin Panel project in PHP


This is an admin panel which contain all the necessary thing about to mange a school. its a complete school admin panel which can use by any school. It have many high level functionality. admin crediential username-admin password-33742527 ...

  poonamb   2018-08-21

Student voting System using Bootstrap project in PHP


This is the very imformative voting system. I built in php ond by using bootstrap as frontend. This have very interesting feature etc. Admin:- http://localhost:8888/psits_voting/admin username-admin password-admin...

  poonamb   2018-08-05

Simple Library Management System by Bootstrap project in PHP


A very simple but imformative librarby management system in which admin can create multiple admins and user and books. Admin login- username-admin password-123456 user login- username-ramsharma password-123456 ...

  poonamb   2018-07-26

Customize Blog cms Site ui Bootstrap project in PHP


This is very simple blog site but it has custmization facility. It has great features and you don't have to touch any code to have your blog up and running. admin crediential- username-admin password- admin...

  poonamb   2018-07-19

Most Advance Leave Management system by Admin, Supervisor project in PHP


This is most advance leave management system in core php. It have 3 panels which managed the leaves, the panels are staff, supervisor and admin panel. It have various functionality. Please enjoy this and learn advance php. for staff and supervisor...

  poonamb   2018-07-10

Advance Morgue Management System project in PHP


This system is basically designed for hospitals that have morgues or stand alone morgues. This system makes administartion and management of the morgues easy and efficient.With this system u can - Register incoming deceased body any many more things....

  poonamb   2018-07-03

CRUD, Login, Signup with Authorisation in CakePHP 3 project in PHP


This is very start project for the begineer of cake php students. It Will b help you to know about how to execute CRUD operation and login and signup functainilty in Cakephp 3. Note : please insert vendor folder in users_record for run the program...

  poonamb   2018-06-16

Traffic management System in PDO project in PHP


This is Traffic system build in php. Use it and know the deep knowledge of php. Very useful for students. ADMIN ACCOUNT username - Torrahclef password - yemiyemi OFFICER ACCOUNT username: tobi password: tobi ...

  poonamb   2018-06-11

Advance Student Management System By Bootstrap project in PHP


This is for student to manage their all stuff regarding study and school including attendance. Enjoy it by using it. Login Info username- demo password-demo...

  poonamb   2018-05-29

Online Gate Pass Management system by Bootstrap project in PHP


This is an online gate pass management system.With this, management of visitors and activities at the gate of an organisation or institution is absolutely easy.The system has a wide array of interesting features like You can register gate guards as ...

  poonamb   2018-05-26