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Rahul Nimkande

Rahul Nimkande

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Student , Learner and Helping Others with my Knowlegde

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3 Project's Source Code Share By Rahul Nimkande

Watch Trailer Responsive Website template in WEB


“Watch Trailer” where the main goal provided to the user is to watch all the latest Hollywood movies trailer as well as the primary goal is to book a movie ticket online. This website is made by using HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT to obtain the final ...

  rahulnimkande   2022-01-13

Simple Snake Game project in Python


Snake game is a computer action game; whose goal is to control a snake to move and collect food in a map. It has been around since the earliest days of home computing and has re-emerged in recent years on mobile phones. To move the snake, use ‘up...

  rahulnimkande   2022-01-12

Ai Virtual Mouse project in Python


Virtual-Mouse A virtual mouse is software that allows users to give mouse inputs to a system without using an actual mouse .We use hand gestures to have different mouse functionality like left-click , right click ,drag and drop and many more....

  rahulnimkande   2022-01-11