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My Specialities : java,C,C++
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8 Project's Source Code Share By Ravi Kumar

Mini Cyber Management System Project In C/C++


This mini project in C Cyber Management System utilizes various features of C like Socket, Multithreading, and more. It can prove to be very useful for C languages learners who are beginners in the programming field. File handling has been used as da... view more

C/C++ project   ravi_718 2017-05-11

Hospital Management System Project In Java


Project name is Hospital Management System. Hospital Management System is a process of implementing all the activities of the hospital in a computerized automated way to fasten the performance. This project is to maintain the patient details, lab rep... view more

Java project   ravi_718 2017-05-11

Shopping Cart Demo In Java


Shopping cart is software/application used by product owners, sellers to help there costumer purchases and pay online. ... view more

Java project   ravi_718 2017-04-14

Mobile Shop Demo In Asp .net


Mobile Shop Project, developed in ASP.NET, is specially designed for mobile shops to automate the mobile selling process. The main aim of the project is to form a fast and reliable working platform to purchase mobile phones. The implementation of the... view more

Asp .net project   ravi_718 2017-04-14

Vehicle Management System Project In Java


vehicle Management System is developed and customized for commercial fleet owners and organizations. Its modules support most type of vehicles (passenger, Truck, construction and other commercial vehicles). It really reduces your vehicles cost while ... view more

Java project   ravi_718 2017-04-01

Courier Management System Project In Servlet Jsp


Online Courier Management System is a Windows-based solution specifically designed for the courier and parcel delivery industries. Courier Management System automates the in-field courier process such as, inbound and outbound airway bills, delivery r... view more

Servlet jsp project   ravi_718 2017-04-01

Sales Management System Project In C/C++


Developed as a console application without graphics, this sales management system project in C++ is a very simple project related to general sales management. This project allows users to perform a vast number of functions, which I have briefly descr... view more

C/C++ project   ravi_718 2017-04-01

Hotel Ordering System Project In Java


The project has its application in the restaurants which needs less or no manpower. It is basically an automated ordering system wherein the customer’s order is placed directly in the kitchen by means of a screen fitted on his table and gets the f... view more

Java project   ravi_718 2017-04-01

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