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Souvick Dhar

Souvick Dhar

C Embedded C Java PHP Python
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3 Project's Source Code Share By Souvick Dhar

Social Networking Site project in PHP


It's an social networking site like facebook. You can create your id, modify your profile, upload pictures, and share your comments with others and so on....

  souvickd   2021-08-26

ESP8266 NodeMCU PWM CONTROL – Dim LED (Analog Output) project in C/C++


This project shows how to generate PWM signals with ESP8266 NodeMCU using Arduino IDE. As an example, we’ll dim the LED brightness by changing the duty cycle over time. The ESP8266 GPIOs can be set either to output 0V or 3.3V, but they can’t out...

  souvickd   2021-06-03

Inventory Management System Or Stock Management System (sms) project in PHP


1. Dashboard with overview. 2. You can add new brand of products and modify or delete existing or unused brands also search for specific brand. 3. You can add new category of products and modify or delete existing or unused category also search fo...

  souvickd   2021-05-28