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Cheeti Suresh

Cheeti Suresh

  ap iiit rgukt rk valley
  rgukt rk valley
python c java html php





About me

now i am stdying btech thrid year in computer science engineering in ap iiit rgukt rk valley kadap

3 Project's Source Code Share By Cheeti Suresh

Advanced Music Player project in Python


it used to play the all songs whatever kept in the your system automatically take the songs into one list after perform the some buttons to play the song. in this application 7 buttons are there those are 1.play 2.next 3.stop 4.pause 5.unpause 6.pre...

  sureshcheeti398   2018-11-24

Employee Payment Management System project in Python


It is a Employee weekly salary payment with overtime bonus calculate application.and also generate employee payment slip.and also include tax.it is very useful for your run the business to easily calculate the salaries....

  sureshcheeti398   2018-11-23

Advanced Scientific Calculator project in Python


it is a advanced Scientific Calculator. it is used to calculate any math functions with in less time ...

  sureshcheeti398   2018-11-22

Project Ideas and Topics share by Cheeti Suresh

Restruant management system


advanced requirements like show menu items and manage the employee details and send some notifications by using email or mobile...

Python projects topics   sureshcheeti398 2018-11-21 23:15:49