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Super Market Billing System Project issues

In this page list of issues on Super Market Billing System. This source code share by Kishor Kadam. If any errors in this project then you can ask question to developer or send a private messages. This project have a total 2 issues.

Here Discussion on Issues

Shows login failed

When i run the java file, it shows the opening screen with cashier and admin login buttons. when i select admin/cashier login button, it takes me to the login page. but, it asks details(name,password). how can i access those details? can u help me? please

  sujithkani 2021-01-25 15:10:16

loading error

mrn sir, am using netbeans 8.2 to run the supermarket project but it didnt work

  tonet202458 2020-05-15 10:37:48

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