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useless projects

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Project basic informations

Developer Name

 jayvik kashipara

Project Title  Online attendance management system for employees
Upload Date




Programming Language

 php,ajax,google chart,html,css

ide tool




Project Type

 web Application

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Event And Party Organizing Portal Project In Asp .net

Event and Party Organizing Portal in this project user can organization party or functions with there budgets and requirements.In this project manages hotels and user details.This good project in asp .net for final year students.... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2016-06-22


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Check Box And Radio Button Change Css Design Program In Html Css Template

Check box and Radio Button Change Css Design  in style sheet.Simple class for radio button update.Only css used.... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2016-06-07


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Online E Post Office Management System Project In Asp .net

Online E Post Office Management System Project For final student with reports.In this project manage curious details.User Management Register,Login Also Admin Add,Delete and Update User.Buy Products.Shopping cart. ... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2016-06-02


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Viewed 588

Drag & Drop Program In Angular Js

Drag & Drop Angular js jquery plug in for download.This is simple project for learning angular js.3 boxes Drag and drop in two div.... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2016-05-30


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Download 70
Viewed 477

To Do List Project In Angular Js

To Do List Project Development in angular js.Angular js framework use for this project developments.... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2016-05-21


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Download 339
Viewed 1391

Multiplex Theater Online Booking System Bootstrap Project In Php

multiplex theater online booking system bootstrap in this project user can view movies.User can book ticket in movie.They his mobile number and pay money on booking counter.Also manages movies.... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2016-05-15


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Download 1022
Viewed 7037

Hotel Ordering System Project In Servlet Jsp

Hotel Ordering System Development in java jsp.In This project you can place order for foods.Hotel Menus.Admin can change menu add,delete,remove menus.User can put order in hotel.... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2015-11-03


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Online Courier Management System Project In Php

Free download online courier management system project in Php.in this project management of couriers.Tracking the couriers delivers.Also manage couriers offices.Also generate couriers reports.Couriers list.Features of Courier management system.Manage... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2015-04-11


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Download 2163
Viewed 24881

Complete Online Banking System Project In Servlet Jsp

complete online banking manage system source code development in jsp.banking system is very complected and very secure.also track every transaction.account balance.also low balance many and many restriction in banking.here simple and complete online ... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2014-10-21


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Download 2068
Viewed 8996

Search And Apply Job Vacancy Portal Management System Project In Php

complete job portal system.this is very nice project concept for student who want create in final year projects this is very helpful for student.many function in this project like search job related our qualification.user can register his profile and... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2014-10-15


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Download 768
Viewed 3864

World All Country And State Database Project In Php

world all country and state databasehere word all country with country code and time zone.also state names.free download mysql database of country name and state database.... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2014-10-14


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Download 1395
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Bouncing Balls Game Project In Android

download bouncing balls android game source code.this is simple game source code.and helpful for game application development.bouncing balls game.free download android games and source code.... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2014-10-03


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Download 1485
Viewed 14649

Simple College Management System Project In Vb .net

simple college management system project code in vb  6.0simple college management system for student.college admin maintain student records like marks ,attendances and contact details.many feature development as per your requriment.staff details... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2014-10-02


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Download 3905
Viewed 45057

Student Information System Project In Php

free download student information system in php source code.student information management system project features.student information store.admin manage students.also this online project so that parents also check student performance.student result ... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2014-09-30


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Download 1031
Viewed 11686

Lan Server Chat Application Project In Java

lan server chat application project source code development in java swing.chat application function and featuresinvite friend to chat with ip.accept request for chat.after start chat in pc.beginner level projectdownload java swing application project... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2014-08-24


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Download 1258
Viewed 7692

Online Tutoring System Project In Php

free download online tutoring system project with source code in php/mysql.online tutoring system feature list-member log in and registrationmember manage his profiles detailstutorial lessonstutorial detailsmanage tutorials in admin sideupload tutori... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2014-08-20


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Download 1315
Viewed 25998

Super Market Billing System Project In C/C++

super market billing project features.1).manage super market transactions deatils.2).generate invoice for customers.3).admin manage customers records and invoices.4).manage products.5).also manage discount in cart.6).product inventory.7).display all ... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2014-08-16


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Download 10822
Viewed 73277

ECommerce Website Project In Php

E commerce Website development in php.eCommerce website features.1) product catalog details.2) shopping carts.3) user past records.4) admin panel.5) manage product details and add remove products.6) generate reports.free download e commerce webs... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2014-08-15


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Download 3299
Viewed 36352

Online Hotel Reservation Management System Project In Asp .net

free download online hotel reservation management system asp .net project script code.in this project user can check hotels in town and also check room availability also check services in room.and manage room booking and hotel inventory this very use... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2014-08-12


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Download 662
Viewed 7254

Training And Placement Services(tps) Project In Vb .net

download training and placement services project source code development in vb.This project is about Training and Placement Services where information of students & company are stored and accessed by administrator and users.To achieve this vision... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2014-08-01


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Download 821
Viewed 6227

Online Trip Booking System Project In Asp .net

free download online trip booking system asp .net project source code.online trip booking system project have many feature.in this project manage flight scheduled.hotel booking.admin add,update,remove hotel and flight scheduled.this project very... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2014-07-26


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Download 788
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Online Training And Placement Assistant Project In Asp .net

download online training and placement assistant project source codetraining and placement assistant project development in asp.net.in this application admin add company details.also student register as normal user.student can find company detai... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2014-07-24


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Interstitials Admob Demo On Application Close Project In Android

Interstitials admob demo on application close.in this demo google play service using for interstitials ad display.you have install google play service in sdk.after you have to import project google play service in your work place.also you have create... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2014-04-09


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Download 910
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Gas Agency And Inventory Management System Project In VB

gas agency and inventory management systemin this project management of gas agency customer details.also inventory management of gas agency.very project for college students.download gas agency and inventory management system in vb... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2014-04-06


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Download 1243
Viewed 6689

Music Store Show Template Project In Html Css Template

download music store show template.simple template on music store website.this template using in all web application.... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2014-01-27


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College Management System Portal Project In Php

college management system portal   college portal have 3 type of user :  1) student  2) staff  3) main admin  also staff can add exam questions in this project student can give the test and result.main admin manage stude... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2014-01-07


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Download 10363
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Online Attendance Management System For Employees Project In Php

online attendance management system for employeesin project many feature like manage employee,trainee.also manage salary information.attendance system every day admin take attendance and check reports.check attendance any date.also generate reports b... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2013-12-30


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Paging Algorithm Program Project In C/C++

paging algorithm program in c source code.this algorithm impalement in all programming language.php,java,c# .net.any data you want to create paging this is useful for you.download paging program in c... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2013-12-17


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Feature Content Jquery Slider Project In Jquery Plugins

feature content jquery slider project source code.in this slider left side content block and right side thumb box and select option in this slider.this very useful plugin for web application.easy to configuration.put this code.. $(document).read... view more

submited by :- jayvik on 2013-12-04