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Online Lawyer Application project on PHP

PHP ideas     Amruta Joshi    2022-05-10

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Online Lawyer Application project abstract

Posted by  Amruta Joshi
Project Name  Online Lawyer Application
Upload Date  2022-05-10
Platform  PHP
Programming Language  HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
Database  Mysql
Project Type  web Application
View  114

Online Lawyer Application project description

1.This System is especially want to communicate with lawyer which they will able to search the lawyer and their ratings and each details of the actual lawyer. 2. The admin will be authorized person he will able to approve ,verify and moniter accounts for lawyer and user. He is also able to view case details through application . is lawyer -he is able to add the customers details ,accept or reject the cases or even modify the cases as per his knowledge. He can be able to chat personally with user . Also able to view appointment details 4.Coming towards user user registration is followed by his/her login he can do lawyer search and court search , & also book the appointment online with lawyer. User registration details should be verified by admin Also he can be able to search the lawyer history and chat with him personally. User is able to search the court details based on location. 5.The admin can able to view all the feedback and lawyer can also generates the bills

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