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Database project on SQL Database

SQL Database ideas     Harmanjot Singh    2018-12-16

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Database project features and function requirement. Share SQL Database Project ideas and topics with us. Grate and many SQL Database project ideas and topics . Here some SQL Database project ideas for research paper. Here large collection of SQL Database project with source code and database. We many idea to development application like mobile application,desktop software application,web application development. You can find more project topics and ideas on SQL Database. Development ideas on Database. You can find Top Downloaded SQL Database projects here. Many project available to download with SQL Database source code and database. Free download Database project synopsis available.

Free download Database mini and major SQL Database project source code. Download simple learning SQL Database project source code with diagram and documentations. More project with source code related to latest SQL Database projects here.

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SQL Database project ideas and topics

Database project abstract

Posted by :  Harmanjot Singh
Project Name :  Database
Upload Date :  2018-12-16
Platform :  SQL Database
Programming Language :  pl/sql
Database :  sql
Project Type :  web Application
View :  863

Database project description

Project Create following tables: Programs: with coloumns: prCode, prName and rows: prCode prName MAD Mobile Development CDS Computer Data Systems NET Networking BDS Big Data System Course: with coloumns: courseNo, CourseName, CourseHours, CourseFees and following rows: CourseNo CourseName courseHours courseFees CDS101 Data base 3 1200 CDS102 Java programming 5 2000 CDS103 Web development 5 2200 CDS104 HTML5 3 900 CDS105 PL SQL 4 1100 CDS106 Android 5 2200 CDS107 PHP 4 1000 and create the Students table with coloumns: stNo, stName, stPrCode then you must fill names of 10 students. note that stPrCode is a foreigh key to column prCode in table programs. create a table preRequests with following columns CourseNo preReqCourseNo CDS103 CDS104 CDS103 CDS107 CDS106 CDS102 CDS105 CDS101 Create a table studentCourses with columns: stNo CourseNo This table will be filled by the program. in the program do following: 1. Enter student No. then print out in which program he is enrolled 2. Show list of names of all courses from the table courses. 3. Enter a courseName then show its hours and fees and all pre request. 4. Ask the student if want to register this course press 1 if not press 0 5. if yes then insert the studentNo. and courseNo in the table studentCourses 6. Add number of hours of the course to the hourstotal, and add coursefees to feestotal 7. Ask the user if want to register another course press 1 if not press 0 8. if yes repeat from step 2 to 7 9 if not print out list of courses the student registered in and total number of hours and total of fees. Note: Dont allow any student to register more than 17 hours. Dont allow the student register the same course more than once Dont allow register the course and its pre requests.

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