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Mumbaikar Dabbawala System project on asp .net

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Mumbaikar Dabbawala System project abstract

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 khan 517

Project Name  Mumbaikar Dabbawala System
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 asp .net

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Project Type

 web Application



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Mumbaikar Dabbawala System project description

Mumbai Dabbawala System



This project provides a Web page application through which people of Mumbai can order Dabba service online using the internet. The aim of doing this project is to have practical knowledge of Dabbawala’s team and their actual performance in the supply and management of food delivery service.
Now a day’s ready made food is easily available but homemade food and its taste is a different matter.
In our busy schedule fresh and homemade food preparation is difficult in early mornings. But it is made possible by Dabbawala’s. Dabbawala’s carry homemade food and deliver the same before our lunch time. This web application allows Mumbaikars to directly order a dabba for their afternoon lunch online. This application is built to be beneficial to student knowledge as well as help Mumbai dabbawala’s.
This Application uses Asp.net as a front-end and sql as the back-end.


·         Online User Login

·         User Registration

·         Online Dabba Ordering facility

·         Homemade dabba + Catering service option

·         Admin login and admin dashboard

·         Email notification on online order

·         Reporting of online orders
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