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Anjana Bagdai

Anjana Bagdai






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20 Project's Source Code Share By Anjana Bagdai

College Management System Only Report project in C# .NET


Main aim in developing College Management System is to provide an easy way not only to automate all functionalities of a college, but also to provide full functional reports to top management of college with the finest of details about any aspect of ...

  anjanabagdai   2019-06-25

Insert update delete CRUD project in AngularJS


This is an angularjs php mysql simple project which includes insert, update and delete records from mysql database....

  anjanabagdai   2018-01-16

sales Management System project in C/C++


Sales Management System is a very large and complex project. It consists of various classes and sub-classes that further consist of many features and functions related to items entry, items recording, billing, and many more. Here, I will briefly d...

  anjanabagdai   2016-08-13

Online Pizza Ordering project in PHP


The Pizza Ordering System is a new system that replaces the current manual and telephone processes for ordering and picking up lunches in the Process Impact Pizza. The system is expected to evolve over several releases, ultimately connecting to the I...

  anjanabagdai   2016-08-13

Real Estate project in PHP


Real Estate Script the best solution for your real estate. It gives the big opportunity of being reached by thousands of people-all possible Clients-looking for real estate. No coding knowledge required! It can be managed by a single person with or ...

  anjanabagdai   2016-08-12

Hospital Management System project in VB


System will have the following features Staff information i.e.regarding employee’s post, timing and their personal information. OPD Patient Detail - Patient case detail. ...

  anjanabagdai   2016-08-10

Library Management System project in VB


Library Management System project function add, delete, update books and manage student records....

  anjanabagdai   2016-08-10

college management system project in VB


Main aim in developing College Management System is to provide an easy way not only to automate all functionalities of a college, but also to provide full functional reports to top management of college with the finest of details about any aspe...

  anjanabagdai   2016-08-06

jewellery management system project in VB


For my project “jewellery management system” There will be many changes like customers will be informed by SMS about complete their order of jewellery. In this project by this way trust of customers will be grow on working method ...

  anjanabagdai   2016-08-06

Restaurant Management System project in PHP


Restaurant Management Systems are the crucial technology components that enable a single outlet or enterprise to better serve its customers and aid employees with food and beverage transactions and controls....

  anjanabagdai   2016-08-04

office management system project in VB


Computerization of recruiting the employee, keeping the information of employees, and other management which are required for the management of departments of any company. Also it is basically a process of transferring a manual working of office man...

  anjanabagdai   2016-04-28

ONline Recipe Site project in PHP


“Recipe House” is web-based application on PHP,MySql. We have also usedHTML,CSS,JS for design purpose. The main purpose behind this web-application is to aware people about recipes. Anybody can learn new recipes, participate in recipe events...

  anjanabagdai   2016-04-28

online data entry project in PHP


Data entry project is basically a web application which is developed in PHP. We have used PHP language for server side coding and SQL Server for the database. Internet helps people to move around the world. there are two levels of users. - Adminis...

  anjanabagdai   2016-04-28

Online Examination(PHP/MYSQL) project in PHP


The main purpose of the system is to allow the students to give examinations on their own time. Without restriction of any subject, schedule or time limit. Although it is transparent and effective to assess the students’ skill. Hence the system ...

  anjanabagdai   2016-04-28

Crime Reporting System project in PHP


“WEBSITE ON CRIME REPORTING” can handle data of criminals who are under the judicial surveillance or are trial. This portal will be most use for Police Department/ DEFENCE for searching for criminals. Anyone can report a FIR online, MISSIN...

  anjanabagdai   2016-03-23

Share Market System project in VB


Share Market Project Generates Various Reports Client Code Report Client Balance Report Client Debit Balance Report Client Shares Report Script Detail Report ...

  anjanabagdai   2016-03-17

Human Resource Management System project in C# .NET


In the Front End of our project we provide some of the attractive features which are as under: § VIEW PROFILE: This module allows the employees/fresher’s of the organization to view their profile whenever they want. § EDIT PROFILE: Th...

  anjanabagdai   2016-03-17

Student Help Discussion Board project in PHP


Student Help Discussion Board as its name implies it is a Discussion Board and covers most of areas. Here a user can register his/her name with this site and can throw their views and also can get others too. We have tried to cover most of areas whic...

  anjanabagdai   2016-01-12

Matrimonial Website project in PHP


Matrimonial website. All the functionalities includes in the report. check .zip file.Registration, Login, Profile search, Conatct to admin and all....

  anjanabagdai   2016-01-08

Online Freelancing Like Freelancer.com project in PHP


Online freelancing, also known as an online freelancer worker, is someone who is self-employed and is not in a long-term contractual commitment to any one employer. The most common freelance jobs include writing, editing, photography, web design, ...

  anjanabagdai   2016-01-08