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ANKIT NAITHANI's best projects and programs

Pusuing BCA


Education : Jagannath Institute Of Management Sciences
Lives In : New Delhi
University : New Delhi
Contact Number : 9540842442
My Specialities : c,c++,vb,HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT
Working in : Not Yet

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11 Project's Source Code Share By ANKIT NAITHANI

Inventory Management System Project In VB


The Project Is Simple To Understand And easy to implement ,the project is based on simple inventory system. The user can input data into stock and can take eyes on purchasing records. You Can Login With The Username=admin and password=admin you can d... view more

VB project   ankit99naithani 2017-04-29

Ice Cream Parlor Project In C/C++


This is simple and easy to learn project,this project is designed in c++ language with the use of file handling. The login facility is provided in the project. Note - The Username= admin Password = admin Just Login and enjoy... view more

C/C++ project   ankit99naithani 2017-04-22

Inventory Control System Program In VB


This project is very simple and easy to implement especially for beginners who want to learn and explore more.Anyone can try this program and explore their ideas. Thanks for the support Love you all.... view more

VB project   ankit99naithani 2017-04-18

Music Website Program In Html Css


This Is a Music Website Demo Project Which You can easily download ,and can easily run it on your browser without using any database connection. Its easy to learn and beginners can easily understand it , It is interesting project for them. Please Gi... view more

Html css project   ankit99naithani 2017-03-30

A Small Hardware Website Project For Beginners Project In Html Css


A small hardware website project for beginners , who are just learnnig basic html language,they can make this sort of project. And can explore their knowledge more about the website development. The project is simple and made for begginners.... view more

Html css project   ankit99naithani 2017-03-16

Simple Animation Program Project In VB


Program of simple animation, you can easily try it and can easily understand it. Just Download The .ZIP file and extract it and run the project on visual basic software. Just Download The .ZIP file and extract it and run the .exe file. And you wil... view more

VB project   ankit99naithani 2017-03-16

Color Mosaic Using Visual Basic Project In VB


It's a simple color mosaic project, made with visual basic,its interesting for beginner who want to explore more and want to create more interactive projects in visual basic, this one of example for them. The code is easy and simple to understand, us... view more

VB project   ankit99naithani 2017-03-15

Functional Calculator Using Javascript Project In Html Css


It's a attractive and simple calculator using javascript, beginners can easily understand the coding part ,its attractive and easy to code .You just need to the basic javascript and html to design it. Please give your feedback after you tried it. ... view more

Html css project   ankit99naithani 2017-03-09

Various PHP Programs For Beginners Program In Php


This Is a simple php form validation program which is used in every website which allows users to create account and signup. it's a good ptractice for beginners who want to learn php, php is widely used in web development. it include some programs l... view more

Php project   ankit99naithani 2017-02-26

Media Player Program In VB


This Is The Simple Media Player Project, WHICH Can play music and videos. Its very good example of simple media player for beginners who just want to explore them self. You can easily download it, Thanks for support Be connected with me for more e... view more

VB project   ankit99naithani 2017-02-26

Music Player Project In VB


This project is a small media player project, beginners can easily try this,and can explore their ideas to create more interesting projects using visual basic.... view more

VB project   ankit99naithani 2017-02-05

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