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Durlav Banerjee

Durlav Banerjee

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2 Project's Source Code Share By Durlav Banerjee

Quiz On Tutorial project in AngularJS


That is an SPA(single page application) especially a quiz game based on js framework Angularjs. Actually, we are about to forget Turtails and their facts and some more valuable and actual data about their lifespan. So I tried to make an application w...

  devdurlav   2017-11-05

Dazzpad note pad swing application project in Java


It's a desktop application, which is quite like notepad .We can do file operations, editing, formatting,Serching ,replacing and many things using it. It has quite nice features. the main this is that i am given the executable file just clicking on t...

  devdurlav   2017-05-06