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Donbok Kharkongor's best projects and programs

Hello everyone, my name is David Donbok Kharkongor, i love to solve problem, if no one have a problem i will create my own problem (Joke apart). I love to develop and help others with their problem in there of software or website. I believe sharing is the best way to make the world a better place. Stay turn

Donbok Kharkongor's profile

Education : Martin Luther Christian University
Lives In : Shillong
University : Martin Luther Christian University
Contact Number : 8014834317
My Specialities : java, c, c++, c#, PHP,HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT,JQUARY,AJAX,SQL,MYSQL
Working in : Student

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Development Of A Web Based Transcript Management System Project In Php


This project is created to help the admin, faculty and staff to convert the manual transcript system to computerized system. Everything is included, right from login till the Printing step of the Transcript. i believe seeing is believing.... view more

Php project   donbok.k 2017-12-15

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