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Harshvardhan Sharma

Harshvardhan Sharma

  Marwadi Education Foundation Group of Institutions
  Gujarat Technical University





About me

A Boy with intention of helping each and every person in his circle or in the world.

7 Project's Source Code Share By Harshvardhan Sharma

Watches project in Bootstrap


Museum of Watches template where you can showcase your watches of different sizes. Made in Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 and plain Javascript...

  hvsharma63   2019-06-07

Company Reception Management Software project in PHP


This project is about a receptionist who handles all the daily basis clients and groups. This project includes entities such as job, client, group, referral etc. This project only offers admin panel. ...

  hvsharma63   2018-12-25

Login Modal Popup after Session Timeout project in PHP


This project shows a simple session timeout procedure via php with the help of jQuery Ajax method. Whenever you log out from other dashboard pages, the rest pages display a modal popup requiring you to log in again. ...

  hvsharma63   2018-10-04

Ajax Image File upload project in Laravel PHP


The zip file of this project contains only the necessary part. The rest I'll tell you how to get started. It's just a simple tutorial of uploading an image or a file with restrictions/parameters set in the code with ajax functionality....

  hvsharma63   2018-09-26

JSON Live Data Search using AJAX jQuery program in PHP


Live Search using AJAX method of jQuery. Just edit the path of your JSON URL in the file and set the conditions you want for your project....

  hvsharma63   2018-09-10

MVC Framework demo in PHP


This is just a simple framework I coded when I was learning PHP MVC. In this project, I've used rewrite rules for URL for Apache Server. Edit the code as per your need. Google Search for your server and add that in the project. Make sure, you update ...

  hvsharma63   2018-07-15

PDO (Create, Read, Update & Delete) App project in PHP


This project contains a simple create-read-update-delete project of PHP based on PHPData Objects (PDO). This project was only made during the duration of learning PDO. This project was implemented using both PHP PDO Connection & PHP OOP method. PDO (...

  hvsharma63   2018-07-13