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Kishan Dhamat's best projects and programs

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Education : AITS
Lives In : Rajkot
University : GTU
Contact Number :
My Specialities : android
Working in : Zerones

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15 Project's Source Code Share By Kishan Dhamat

Map Demo Project In Android


download map demo project source code.this is simple map demo android project.this use google map api in this demo.very useful for android developers.download android project demos and source code.... view more

Android project   kishandhamat 2014-07-23

Stock & Payment Management System Project In Php


free download online stock & payment management system php project source code.stock management system is development in php.in this web application user can easily manage. also manage purchase details and payment details.this source code for fin... view more

Php project   kishandhamat 2013-10-08

Online Book Store Shopping Cart Project In Php


free download online book store shopping cart php project source code.online book shop store project in php.this best project with handle shopping cart in this project and useful for student and also data base.book shop project working properly.good ... view more

Php project   kishandhamat 2013-09-27

Speed Dial Objective C Iphone Project Project In Iphone


free download speed dial objective c iphone project with source codespeed dial demo in iphon ios.this simple example of speed dial project.this useful to learning iphone project development.this project for beginner in objective c developer. dow... view more

Iphone project   kishandhamat 2013-08-15

Where Is Am I.location Finder Iphone Project Source Code Project In Iphone


where is am i.location finder iphone project source code download.where is am i? location finder demo project in iphone.download iphone project with souce code.best iphone projects.objective c source code.iphone project.objective c project.... view more

Iphone project   kishandhamat 2013-07-06

Music Instrument Store Project In Smarty Framework Project In Php


music instrument store project in smarty framework Php.This project about music instruments store.in this project two type of user one simple user.second admin user.admin user manage every thinks like manage user details.also add,delete,update produc... view more

Php project   kishandhamat 2013-05-10

Doctor Notebook Project In VB


doctor notebook project source code in visual basic(vb).This simple project on doctor notebook.save doctor indoor and outdoor meeting.Patient appointment's details.Download vb projects.Visual basic project.doctor notebook project source code in ... view more

VB project   kishandhamat 2013-05-02

Iphone Facebook Iso 6.0 Intgration Demo Project In Iphone


Download free project source code.Iphone facebook ios 6.0 integration demo source code.thi demo in core iphone.IPhone 6.0 Facebook application integration demo in core ... view more

Iphone project   kishandhamat 2012-11-02

Datepicker Demo Project In Iphone


Download iphone project with source code demoThis is simple date picker demo for iphone developer.... view more

Iphone project   kishandhamat 2012-08-14

Digital Clock Project In Iphone


Download iphone project source code.Digital clock application source code.This is application Development into xcode core coding.Iphone project demo for student and fresher who have to learn objective c.this simple demo for useful for students or beg... view more

Iphone project   kishandhamat 2012-07-28

Questions Answers Mobile Application Project In Android


Free Download Question answer Application in android application.Android Source Code.This simple android application.Database Sqllite use for store question and answer.Add question for exam and answer.Dynamic Generate Question paper.Randomly Question... view more

Android project   kishandhamat 2012-07-04

Job Portal System Project In Php


free download job port management system php with source code and database.latest job portal system in php with source code and database.download job portal application using php.this project useful for student help development project in his institu... view more

Php project   kishandhamat 2012-01-28

Web Base File Manager Project In Asp .net


Download Asp .net C# project example demo source code Download Web base file manager project in C# asp .netIn this project web base file manager.you can performances some operation like create file,rename file name.In this project you can c... view more

Asp .net project   kishandhamat 2012-01-25

Download Manager Java Project In Java


Download project Download manager project in java swing applteDownload manager project in java swing.In this project simpale desktop application.This application like a DAP and IDM download manager.User can pause,resume file downloading add link to f... view more

Java project   kishandhamat 2011-11-12

Online Real Estate Property Dealing System Project In Asp .net


real estate project development in asp .net using c#.This is real estate project in c#.In this project Two side Admin panel and User panel.Admin Add property for sell , buy , rent.Manages price about Flat, Farm, Bungalows,House,Land manages Uplo... view more

Asp .net project   kishandhamat 2011-11-11

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