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Mukesh Kumar's best projects and programs

student of bca final

Mukesh Kumar's profile

Education : dav college abohar
Lives In : Abohar,Punajb
University : Panjab university
Contact Number : 7508388672
My Specialities : java,php,c,c++,mysql,visual basic
Working in : na

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4 Project's Source Code Share By Mukesh Kumar

Login Signup Form(web Application ) Project In Php


This is very simple php web application for user registration,login and view with full validation.The project contain separate database work file which makes code handy and readable.its also allows user to view its details after the login.... view more

Php project   mukes555 2017-05-01



The project consists of title named Library Management System. This project is used to enter the records of books, records to issue and return of books and retrieve those records. This project is helpful to Schools as well as Colleges. Scope of this... view more

VB project   mukes555 2017-05-01

Diary Milk Management System Project In VB


The key to success in today’s complex IT environment is the ability to manage the projects effectively and efficiently. The module entitled “MILK DAIRY MANANGEMENT SYSTEM” has been developed with the aim of providing a tool, which will prove e... view more

VB project   mukes555 2017-04-29

Online Exam System Project In Java


The System has been primarily developed for the sake of conducting of “ENTRANCE SERIES SYSTEM”. The System is completely controlled and used by Administrator and Candidates. The System is capable of handling differ... view more

Java project   mukes555 2017-04-27

Project Ideas and Topics share by Mukesh Kumar

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