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Prashant R. Rizaal's best projects and programs

I am a programmer and want to do more

Prashant R. Rizaal's profile

Education : BFiT Institute
Lives In : DehraDun
University : HNB Gharwal
Contact Number : +917830379954
My Specialities : C, VB6, C++
Working in : Pathivara InfoSoft

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6 Project's Source Code Share By Prashant R. Rizaal

Confession Project In VB


Whatever you type, the program your confession only.Try it if you don't believe. Its simple trick... ... view more

VB project   prashant.pis 2016-08-23

Fast Download Manager Project In Vb .net


This is my first project in .NET and in Internet support. If you like than plz comment for my work...... view more

Vb .net project   prashant.pis 2016-08-22

Calender And Time Project In VB


Date and Time will be displayed at the down-right side of your desktop. This application is very usefull for watching time(hh:mm:ss) and date(mm/dd/yyyy). Time will be refreshed in every second and it is very light designed by removing high memory... view more

VB project   prashant.pis 2016-05-05

Calculator Project In VB


Very easy and my sucessful project in vb6.0. Plz comment about my project. To make this I took long time, so plz like it... view more

VB project   prashant.pis 2016-05-03

Lock System Project In VB


This is a simple computer lock system. This is my second project. Here password is 12345 and you can change it manually from source code.... view more

VB project   prashant.pis 2016-04-18

Student Telephone Directory System Project In C/C++


I am student and I know in student life we have to achieve much more ting. This is my simple project written to the fulfillment of Practical of BCA first sem practicalHope you will love it... ... view more

C/C++ project   prashant.pis 2016-03-26

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