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Ravi Singh

Ravi Singh

html CSS JavaScript bootstrap React Nodejs Express MongoDb RestfullApi
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About me

i am a Full stack developer.

5 Project's Source Code Share By Ravi Singh

Html Template template in HTML CSS


Its a Html Template It is a Doctor Appointment Template It is very simple In this template I am used Html and CSS only....

  ravisingh1234   2021-08-05

Animated Website Using Html template in HTML CSS


its a Animated website using only Html and css. in this website we are using css and css3.its a simple and very pretty Animated Template.i have created this only 30 minutes....

  ravisingh1234   2021-06-16

Weather App project in Node JS


In this project we can check live Weather Temperature all over world and city . I have used in this project Weather Api. and it is Responsive...

  ravisingh1234   2021-06-08

Basic Marketing Designed template in Bootstrap


This template is created using Boostrap,HTML and css.This template is designed for marketing templates after using this template you will understand the concept of Bootstrap....

  ravisingh1234   2018-04-08

generate OTP (One Time Password) string program in Java


This program will generate OTP as string (4 digits PIN) different at every run. When we run program, program will return 4 digits PIN, which will be different from last generate OTP (One Time Password)....

  ravisingh1234   2018-04-04