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Ravi Jethva's best projects and programs

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Education : tn rao,rajkot
Lives In : rajkot
University : saurashtra univercity
Contact Number :
My Specialities : php,codeignter,wordpress,html,css,js
Working in : logistic infotech,rajkot

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33 Project's Source Code Share By Ravi Jethva

Online Virtual Classroom Project In Asp .net


free online virtual classroom project on asp .net.in this project student can learn any place and any time.virtual class room project is very helpful for student they can learn any time any place.also touch with his faculty.virtual class room project... view more

Asp .net project   rax.jethva 2014-09-08

Online Examination System Project In Servlet Jsp


free download online examination system java servlet project source codeonline examination system development in servlet.this source code useful for student.in this system arrange to exam for student.then give a exam.once a finish then generate resul... view more

Servlet jsp project   rax.jethva 2013-10-19

Expand List And Accordion List Example Project In Android


free download expand list and accordion list example android source code.here simple expand list view demo project code.in this project user collspan view.also accordion listview.you can use this in your projects.download android project learning dem... view more

Android project   rax.jethva 2013-10-10

Android Share Widget On Actionbar Menu Launcher Project In Android


free download android share widget on actionbar launcherthis android application share widget for share icon on actionbar menu.also launch widget on button click.android useful tool for beginner and experiences developer.in this project actionba... view more

Android project   rax.jethva 2013-09-26

Dynamic Add Multiple View Inside Linearlayout Android Source Code Project In Android


free download dynamic add multiple view inside linearlayout android source codethis is simple demo for dynamic adding view in linearlayout android.in this project add and remove code dynamic.this code useful student and experience developer.download ... view more

Android project   rax.jethva 2013-09-07

Student Record Management System Development On Java Swing Project In Java


 free download student record management system development on java swing source code.This code you can store information of student and you can edit, search, delete record. I used the linked list to store data.in this project user can add student i... view more

Java project   rax.jethva 2013-08-07

Maintaining The Stock Of The Hardware Shop Java Swing Software Code Project In Java


maintaining the stock of the hardware shop java swing software code download.hardware shop project in java swing application.in this application user maintain stocks and purchasing details.stock maintaining this application.also user add,delete,modif... view more

Java project   rax.jethva 2013-07-26

Society Resident Management System Project In VB


Society Resident Management System using vb .net source code download.Society Resident Management System in this application register all member of society. maintenance management. store all details society every house owner number and details.best a... view more

VB project   rax.jethva 2013-07-09

RSS Parsing In Android Source Code Project Project In Android


RSS Parsing in android source code demo with example.download android project example with source code.best android code.here many android source code available.this simple rss parsing example.in this project parsing rss feed on server and display in... view more

Android project   rax.jethva 2013-07-04

Airline Reservation System In Java Swing Application Project In Java


airline reservation system in java swing application source code download.airline reservation system project in java swing.in this project user can login,logout.add flight schedule.also manage ticket prices.change prices.download java swing project.f... view more

Java project   rax.jethva 2013-07-02

Consumer Complaints System Project In C# .net


consumer complaints system using asp .net project source code C# project.consumer complaints project in asp .net.in this project consumer can complaints about product.and manage complaints.admin can view complaints and give the feedback customer.this... view more

C# .net project   rax.jethva 2013-06-27

Medical Inventory System In Core Java Project In Java


medical inventory system in core java download project source codemedical inventory project in core java.user can manages stocks.purchase item.this project for student.student learn how connect database.medical inventory project.download core java pr... view more

Java project   rax.jethva 2013-06-26

Student Registration Management System Java Swing Project In Java


student registration management system in java swing project source code.this is java swing project.student registration system in this project store student details like email,name,phone number,address.also modify student details.and search students... view more

Java project   rax.jethva 2013-06-25

Online Civil Registry Management System Project In C# .net


online civil registry management system project in asp .net download.civil registry system project in this project people register his details.this online system user can registry details.sending mail to administration.user register pan card,pass por... view more

C# .net project   rax.jethva 2013-06-22

Android Json Parsing Example Source Code Project In Android


android json parsing example source code downloadThis is simple android simple json prasing demo in android source code.this demo useful for student who want parsing web services from api.This is best android application demo.Download android demo ex... view more

Android project   rax.jethva 2013-06-07

Android List View Demo Without Load More Button Demo Source Project In Android


android list view demo without load more button demo source codehere this simple demo about list view in android device with out load button.automatic load more content when scroll down.this is best example ever.download android demo and projects.... view more

Android project   rax.jethva 2013-06-04

Restaurant Management System Project In Android


restaurant management system source code in android project downloadrestaurant management application in this project many features.search restaurant by place.customer info save.order listing in apps.today menu listing.this project final year major p... view more

Android project   rax.jethva 2013-05-30

Online Shopping Cart Website Project In C# .net


online shopping cart asp .net source code Project download.Online shopping website on camera and photographic website.In this project user manage his profile and cart.all document is available in this project.this shopping cart project with sour... view more

C# .net project   rax.jethva 2013-05-16

Android Color Picker Project In Android


android color picker project source code.This is simple android color picker project.This is simple demo for android application you can use in other application.You also download project in iphone project color picker.Free Download android project w... view more

Android project   rax.jethva 2013-05-05

Advertisement Publisher Management System Project In Asp .net


Advertisement Management system using asp .net projectApplication has mainly six functionsEntering User Id and password in the Login screen.Viewing Advertisement pricing details.Viewing Strategy report.Entering Advertisement pricing details.Budget Al... view more

Asp .net project   rax.jethva 2012-12-27

Bus Reservation System Project In C# .net


bus reservation system in C# .net project source code.Role of Staff ManagerStaff Enters through his Login Id and views the Vehicle Details for any Selected date.For New Booking Details He enters into the New Booking Screen and enters the new customer... view more

C# .net project   rax.jethva 2012-12-15

Bank Management System Project In C# .net


free download bank management system c# project with source code.bank management system system development in c# .net .bank project user can register his and generate account number.also credit or debit amount in account.banking  system developm... view more

C# .net project   rax.jethva 2012-12-05

Complete Library Management System Project In C# .net


free download complete library management system using C# .net project source code.library management project in C# .net projects.In this project librarian can add,delete,update book details.also manage student records.book status when issue and retu... view more

C# .net project   rax.jethva 2012-10-02

Online Entrance Exam System Project In Java


online entrance exam system project using java servlet download source code free.online entrance exam source code in java sevlet.in this project user can give the exam and result generate.this is application for student.best application in servlet.do... view more

Java project   rax.jethva 2012-09-14

Online Distance Learning System Project In Asp .net


Distance learning C# asp .net Project code downloadthis long distance learning project.this project development in asp .net.user can learn at his home no need to comes to college.download asp .net project with source code ... view more

Asp .net project   rax.jethva 2012-09-03

Book Shop Project In C Project Download Project In C/C++


Book shop project in c Management of book in shop Stock Manage Add delete search Book in database Search Impactcore java projects free download  vb.net source code free download  vb projects download  .net projects download wi... view more

C/C++ project   rax.jethva 2012-03-29

Bank Management System Project In C/C++


Bank Management System project Source code in C++ Management of user account details. Admin Add delete update user Generate monthly report about bank account amountSearch Impactreport on library management system in java  php mini projects... view more

C/C++ project   rax.jethva 2012-03-06

Student Result Management System Project In C/C++


free download student result management system C++. simple manage student result in this application.c++ projects with source code.very useful for learning in colleges.... view more

C/C++ project   rax.jethva 2012-02-17

Online Job Portal System Project In C# .net


 online job portal management system development using asp .net project source code download.free download job portal application in asp .net project source code. free download online source code. this application useful for student.many feature... view more

C# .net project   rax.jethva 2012-01-22

Sms Sending From Pc Project In C# .net


Download sms sending project.Sms sending from desktop this application in c#Database - Sql Server use In this project development in C#.Sms sending from pc in this application user add contact number.Send sms in groups sms.User can create groups in ... view more

C# .net project   rax.jethva 2011-12-10

Online Tours And Travels Reservation Project In C# .net


free download online tours and travels reservation source code.Reservation hotel booking train ticket.booking cancellation.traveling ticket booking.check bus root.check fare price and book a ticket... view more

C# .net project   rax.jethva 2011-11-19

University Management System Project In Asp .net


Download university management C# asp .net project university management asp .net project.in this project manages college under university.also manage college principles.college details.manage exam schedules.display college results.this type pro... view more

Asp .net project   rax.jethva 2011-11-18

Business Address Contact Directory System Project In C# .net


free download business address directory system project c# source codeThis project in asp .net and this is project on business idea share with other get review about this project.Ask your problem related business.get the right solution about business... view more

C# .net project   rax.jethva 2011-11-14

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