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Saurabh Kalani

Saurabh Kalani

  Cushah college of MCA
  Gujarat Technological University
Java Android IOS Digital Marketing Graphic designing Animated Videos Website development
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About me

hi I am providing following Services Mobile application development , website development online Digital marketing training through skype and final year projects development you can reach me on sauryakalani at the rate .com.

20 Project's Source Code Share By Saurabh Kalani

Share market trading tips project in Android


Stock market Trading , a trusted name in the financial services and provides you with the entire financial advisory services under one app. It is one of the few organizations providing research and information on Indian capital markets mainly based...

  saurabah   2018-05-09

Website converted into app demo in Android


This project aims to convert whole website into an android application . This project i have use advance webview methods and show kashipara website all the things into an android app.I am dedicating this project to owner of this site ....

  saurabah   2017-07-12

Customize Pdf thumbnail project in Android


This project user can able to know how to get from json all the pdf files and then able to create programatically from list of pdf file thumbnail and title of particular pdf and when they click on any pdf tile or thumbnail able to view pdf file...

  saurabah   2017-06-21

School parents teacher app project in Android


This app was use to interact teacher and student .Such as attendance , images and seminar videos and syllabus ,result, subject wise assessment and review assessment all the features you get from this app,my video lectures ,my notes....

  saurabah   2017-06-03

Customize Youtube channel with Json parsing project in Android


This is a customize youtube integration with json parsing,and third party libraries like picaso for image loading .user can from this app able to play any type of youtube videos with json parsing and get description of that videos .I here contribute...

  saurabah   2017-05-08

Bus Flight trip manage app project in Android


This is a app type of make my trip app in this app we can plan a trip,create iternary , book a trip finding a hotels. ...

  saurabah   2017-05-03

Customize a Horizontal scrollview with textview demo in Android


This project aim as you have seen news app in that something ur reading than for a while ur minimize it or close an news app .Same here i am implementing if any body close the app from a particular line then he again able to open the app from that sa...

  saurabah   2017-04-21

School student attendance project in Android


This School Management App provides Students and Parents Parents gets regular Alerts and Notifications. Student daily Attendance and Activity details is available. Student Fee Details, Online Fee Payment, Result & Analysis, Report Card Generation is ...

  saurabah   2017-04-13

Rajasthani hotel food items project in Android


This app is a Rajathani famous items you can find out and online order through a mobile app with discounts and all nearest stores related to Rajasthani thali restaurant You can feel free to contact me - saurabh.kalani.ildc@gmail.com or 9714062763...

  saurabah   2017-04-12

Home buddy project in Android


The system has captured student’s absence in school through absentee phone line. This will be a list that has Name, grade and section of the school. there will be a form that a student homework buddy will capture the home of all the classes that wa...

  saurabah   2017-04-10

Automatic Call Records File Store On Server project in Android


Automatic Call Records File Store On Server Project Coding In Android.In this project call recording in background and upload recording file on server....

  saurabah   2016-06-18

Automatic Call Recording project in Android


This project goal to create  call recording when any one phone calls come both incoming , outgoing and save that call or synchronize it to google drive or drop box and even we can upload call recording on a server. Any one interested for this automa...

  saurabah   2016-05-07

College University Webview Apps project in Android


It is a basic college android application developed originally ​ as a final year project by a team of students. The code requires removing clutter and proper structuring but it is still workable.The interface consists of a menu where we tap icons ...

  saurabah   2016-04-21

Pharmacy Prescription App project in Android


Pharmacy is an Android application designed for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians in order to quickly and efficiently access data regarding prescription drugs.User can get medicines details. ...

  saurabah   2016-04-19

Victims Of Flood And Earthquake Help App project in Android


victims of flood and earthquake help application.This Project is being developed to help the victims of flood, this app may help the people in that situation in future.Share his locations....

  saurabah   2016-04-15

Beauty Products Ecommerce App project in Android


The idea for the project is to develop an ecommerce app similar to amazon shopping app's and other similar ecommerce apps. This app is mainly focused on the selling beauty products....

  saurabah   2016-04-14

Patient module project in Android


This project aim to do consultancy with dentist and patients and make precautions and sydrome   share with images and videos.If you have any query or help free to email me -saurya6890@gmail.com or call me at  09714062763...

  saurabah   2015-05-28

Imageview with Zoom in Zoom out inbuilt project in Android


Free download android project source code imageview with zoomin zoomout inbuilt androidThis project is used to zoom in and zoom out any images without using third party api or libraries  ....

  saurabah   2015-05-04

City places project in Android


This project aim to get all the city places such as atm,hospitals ,colleges ,govt institutes and police stations by using google api and google places .We can also add new places or any details in an google database ....

  saurabah   2015-04-26

Finding area by zipcode or pincode project in Android


This project is used to find out area by entering zipcode of any country or states or districts and.And future enhancement  on the basis of zipcode we can get areas curently after that we can find out any govt offices  or hospitals too.Kind...

  saurabah   2015-04-24